Who would have thought that a manga about bread could be hilarious? That it could throw you a thousand puns and parodies and would keep you laughing until you ran out of breath? That it could be awesomely addicting that the whole series is crack itself! That's Yakitate!! Japan! Welcome to Japan, a general info site dedicated to this great series by Takashi Hashiguchi.

Aside from just being an information site, this also houses the AFL approved fanlisting for the series itself. So, if you're a fan, do join the fanlisting. If you just wanna know more about this series, feel free to poke your head everywhere. Navigation is above.

Comments, suggestions, violent reactions, just get in touch.

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Japan is listed under the Series category at AFL. It was updated last July 1, 2024 with a total of 39 + 0 members from 13 countries.

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