When you get older, it's nice to look back at pictures and see how you progressed throughout the years. See both the good times and the bad, your scrapes and bruises, and your awards and medals. From these experiences, you usually learn more about life. It's also a primary reason for the birth of this site, untitled, the network's museum or as more commonly known, layout archive. Being able to look at my old layouts, learning from them, looking at my own progress. Or even for you, catch an idea or two.

Aside from showcasing previous layouts, I'll also host various fonts I've used throughout the years and provide links to a few resources and tutorials that I have benefited from. Navigation is above and is pretty self-explanatory. As a note, though this site houses my previous layouts, no graphcs or layout should be stolen.

Total Layouts: 146
Last Updated: June 22, 2010