yo! welcome to oniichan. this is a what you would call a character shrine made by tec for me, kinomoto touya, from the series cardcaptor sakura. i dunno why she would make a shrine to me. but anyway, i hope you enjoy whatever she prepared for you. by the way, she gave me a small note below to give you guys.

tec's note (tn): if you still don't know, almost every information here is presented in touya's perspective and not mine. you might get confused but just think of it as an interview of touya in every aspect of his life. anyway, advanced apologies if ever this perspective confuses you and if ever touya may seem ooc (out of character) to you. disclaimers? i don't own touya kinomoto (though i would really like to take him home sometime ^_^), cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa reservoir chronicle. credits should go to CLAMP and their affiliates. reactions? drop me a note anytime. or you can also sign the guestbook.

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october 12, 2003

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