Why Rinoa? Okay there are a number of anti-Rinoa people but personally, I think that she's one of the best and coolest Final Fantasy characters.

First, her looks. She looks gorgeous and her dress and get-up really look cool. Okay, at first it really looked weird since she got almost everything in it. A short, a skirt, a duster. But actually, she pulled it really smooth since she looks good in it.

Second, she got a cool pet, Angelo. Not many RPG characters have great partners in battle and having a dog help you out in times of need is another reason why i like Rinoa. Not to mention that I'm actually a dog person. ^;;

Next, her personality. She's lively! She's spunky! And she's a brat! Whooohoo! That's what I love about her. She's someone who's gonna pester you until you give in. Right, Irvine! ^.~. It's soooo cute.

Setting those aside, Rinoa is really a not so perfect person. She's not the one that has an "I-can-do-everything" godlike attitude or the goody goody personality. She actually is a person that knows that she needs other people to support her. She has her own fears. Her own doubts. Her own flaws.

Last that I can think of right now is that she get's the guy! (And that guy is hot! ^;;;) Anyway, her role is pretty much difficult in the game since she's the one who opens up Squall's heart and makes him realize that there are people that care around him. Very hard since Squall's one tough lonewolf to crack.

And those are few of the reasons why I like Rinoa and why I'm making a shrine to her.

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