In FFVIII, the weapon system is somewhat different compared to the other FFs in the series. You won't be able to buy weapons at the shops or steal/mug them from bosses or monsters. Instead you'll upgrade your weapons at junk shops with items that you were able to accumulate along the way. Information on upgrading weapons are available at Weapon Monthly Magazines, which you can buy or find in different locations.

Rinoa's Blaster Edge is a type of projectile weapon. Projectie weapons inflict the same amount of damage even if the character is placed in the back row. But since there's no back row and front row in FFVIII, then there's no use in knowing that :S

pinwheel Pinwheel
Attack: 11
Attack %: 99
Hit: 0
Magazine: April (#3)
Price: 100G
Required: M-Stone Pieces (3)
Description: Weapons that can be used from a distance have many advantages. The Pinwheel is one of the more basic projectile weapons.

valkyrie Valkyrie
Attack: 14
Attack %: 101
Hit: 2
Magazine: May (#4)
Price: 200G
Required: M-Stone Pieces (1), Shear Feather (1)
Description: Valkyrie is a projectile weapon that can fly straight at the enemy using its stablizing fins. The Blade is extremely deadly.

rising sun Rising Sun
Attack: 18
Attack %: 103
Hit: 4
Magazine: July (#6)
Price: 400G
Required: Saw Blade (1), Screw (8)
Description: The rising sun is similar to a circular saw. It is made by upgrading the pinwheel. It is capable of slicing the enemies like a spinning saw and dealing a devastating blow.

cardinal Cardinal
Attack: 24
Attack %: 104
Hit: 5
Magazine: August (#7)
Price: 800G
Required: Cockatrice Pinion (1), Mesmerize Blade (1), Sharp Spike(1)
Description: The cardinal is the latest line of projectile weapons. The wide fins provide more stability and accuracy compared to the Valkyrie. It's greater accuracy causes more damage.

shooting star Shooting Star
Attack: 28
Attack %: 107
Hit: 8
Magazine: First (#1)
Price: 1000G
Required: Windmill (2), Regen Ring (1), Force Amulet (1), Energy Crystals (1)
Description: Next, we show you the finest projectile weapon, the Shooting Star. Don't let the angel wing motif fool you. It's a deadly weapon.

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