rinoa heartilly Level: Level 10 Card 8
Type: Character
Element: None
Holder: General Caraway
Location: Deling City
Card Modification: 1 card = 3 Magic Armlets

You can aquire the Rinoa Card from General Caraway as early as the first disk. Be sure that you have the Ifrit Card or else Caraway wouldn't use the Rinoa Card. When challenging him, he would say that he would like to have the Ifrit Card.

General Caraway: "I have my daughter's card, but I don't use it in my hand very often."
General Caraway: "However, I will think about it if you give me your Ifrit card. Of course, you will need to beat me to get my daughter's card."

Intentionally lose the Ifrit Card to him and he would then use the Rinoa Card the next time that you challenge him.

You could get the Ifrit Card back from Martine at the Fisherman's Horizon. He's located sitting next to the mayor's house.

General Caraway: "I lost the Ifrit card you gave me the other day..."
General Caraway: "To whom, you ask? The former Galbadia Garden master, Martine. We've both been persecuted by Edea."


angelo Level: Level 8 Card 2
Type: GF
Element: None
Holder: Watts
Location: Forest Owl's Base Train (disk1), White SeeD Ship(disk 3)
Card Modification: 1 card = 100 Elixirs

The Angelo Card can be won from Watts either in disk 1 on the train or in disk 3 on the White SeeD Ship. You must play cards with him. If you want you can also give him the Naughty Magazine which can be taken in the stacks in the lobby of Timber Maniac Publishing House. In exchange for giving it to him freely, he'll give you the Shiva Card.

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