The ringtones I have here I only tested with a Nokia mobile phone. So if you have another model, I dunno the keys. Personally, the first Eyes on Me melody is somewhat closer to the real one. Only problem is that it stops abruptly. The second one, on the other hand, is a bit choppy but longer.

Eyes on Me (ver1)

Tempo 90
8g1 4c2 4d2 4e2 8g2 1e2 8- 8d2 8e2 2c2 8a1 8c2 1d2 8g2 4c2 4d2 4e2 8g2 2b2 8- 8b2 8c3 8a2 8- 8g2 8a2 1g2 8g2 4.c3 8c3 4c3 4b2 2a2 2.g2

Eyes on Me (ver2)

Tempo 90
4c2 4d2 4e2 8g2 2e2 8d2 8e2 2c2 32- 8a1 8.c2 2d2 4c2 4d2 4e2 8g2 2b2 8b2 8c3 4a2 4g2 8a2 2g2 8g2 4c3 4c3 4b2 4a2 8a2 2g2 4e2 8g2 4a2 4g2 4f2 4d2 2e2 4e2 4d2 4f2 4e2 4d2 2c2 4a1 4c2 2d2 4e2 4g2 2d2

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