Rinoa is a vivacious and lively young lady. She's not one to be coy and instead is very much open to her feelings and speaks her mind out. She also has this tenderness and warm-hearted compassion that endears her to other people. Usually concerned with the people close to her, she talks to them and let them express what's on their mind and heart.

Though the heroine, she's not at all that perfect. She sometimes act as a spoiled brat. An example of her brattiness was when she pestered Irvine to take the vehicle back. Also she can be stubborn and determined that sometimes lead her trouble which causes Squall to come and rescue her. As some people say, the damsel in distress sydrome. In this case, during the time of the sorceress' assassination plot, she headed to the sorceress' room alone and then getting her into trouble.