Here you can download several midis. Listen to them with the use of the jukebox (non-chromeless). Else you can download it below. these are the midi files themselves and not zipped.

Word of warning in using the jukebox. This is a chromeless window. It may take up huuuuuge amount of resources from your PC. So if you highly doubt that your pc can handle a lot of strain, then don't use it. You are now forewarned. Don't go flaming me saying that I caused your PC to crash. Also the chromeless window won't work for Windows XP. Any chromeless window won't work right for Windows XP. Also I can't seem to make the jukebox load for mozilla and firefox. So if you want to listen to these midis using the jukebox, kindly please use IE.

  Song Title Size
01 Blue Sky 12.9kB
02 Eyes on Me 48.0kB
03 Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec 43.0kB
04 Julia 3.69kB
05 Julia (with drums) 5.44kB
06 Love Grows 37.1kB
07 My Mind (Rinoa's Theme) 12.6kB
08 Opening Theme 24.1kB
09 Roses and Wine 8.48kB
10 Tell Me 17.5kB
11 Timber Owls 10.9kB
12 Waltz For The Moon 9.61kB

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