Since the release of Final Fantasy VIII in 1999, hundreds of merchandise have been popping in and out of the market scene. Though the cost may sometimes seem unreasonable, these products still sell rather well.

A little note : I can't say that I endorse these products. I don't have each of them and so I can't give my own opinion. So buy them at your own risk. Also, i'm not making profits out of these products. So please don't sue me.

Oh. You could find these merchandise in the web. Try looking for it at, Yahoo Auctions, or


First in the list are those action figures. There are many out there. The most popular are the Bandai action figures. They come in 6". Other figures include a 12", 15" and 5" but i'm not sure if these are also made by Bandai. I know one of those is made by kotobukiya.

There are also these so-called collector's items (heard that these three are released by Coke). I don't know the dimension since the site that I got these from didn't have any info about it. There's this chibi Rinoa statue, a chibi Rinoa crystal statue and a regular crystal statue.

Lastly, while surfing the Yahoo Auction site, I was able to come across this metal figure of a chibi Rinoa which stands approximately 2.75". Rt comes with a wooden base with Final Fantasy engraved in gold.


So far I've found two kinds of keychains. The first is the propertioned Rinoa. While the second features a chibi version of Rinoa. The chibi keychains are also available in other characters. Check out the whole pic and see how cute they can be. *Look at how cute Seifer and Zell could be!*


If you think that only Pokemon has trading cards, think again. Final Fantasy has the Triple Triad Cards. The complete pack includes a rare foil of Rinoa and another one of Angelo. The deck features other characters as well. The Angelo Card is a Level 8 Card No. 79 Guardian Force Card. While the Rinoa Card is a Level 10 Card No. 107 Character Card. I really don't get it why it's No. 107 in the pack when in the game the total number of cards are only 100. And since i'm not much of a TCG player, I really wouldn't want to know.


The ever famous wallscroll. Well, what can you do with it? Hang it on your wall! There are several wallscrolls out there. Here are just some of them.


There are other Rinoa merchandise out there. Here are some that can't seem to fit on the previous classifications. The first is Rinoa's necklace. In this necklace, you can see her ring and to top it all of, it also includes Squall's Griever ring. The second one is a lighter featuring the character render of Rinoa etched in the case. I've found a third one and it is a mated and framed phonecard.

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