Weapon Monthly Magazines are magazines that give information on the characters' weapons and it's upgrades. It gives a short description of the weapon plus the items and the number needed of the said items for the remodelling of the weapons. These monthly magazines can both be found lying around and also be bought at the Esthar shops.

Out of the seven monthly magazines, five of it contains information for Rinoa's Blaster Edge: the April, May, July, August and the First issues. Take note though that the Weapon Monthly Magazines aren't really required in order to upgrade Rinoa's weapons. Once you have the necessary items, the weapon upgrade will be available on the Junk Shop screen.

xx april
xx may
xx july
xx august
xx first


Pet Pals Magazines are magazines that show different dog tricks. It is used by Rinoa to teach Angelo different tricks for her limit break Combine.

xx volume 1
xx volume 2
xx volume 3
xx volume 4
xx volume 5
xx volume 6

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