faye wong Real name: Wong Fei
Professional alias: Wong Jing Wen
English name:
     Shirley (1989 - 1991)
     Faye (1992 - present)
Birthday: August 8, 1969
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Residence: Hong Kong


If you're wondering who Faye Wong is and why is she here, you must be from the distant past. XD Anyway, Faye Wong is the well know Cpop or Chinese pop diva/actress (yes, she's Chinese not Japanese) who sang the song Eyes on Me.

Faye's first encounter with the world of entertainment was at the age of 18 when she went to Hong Kong for modeling classes. After months of taking modeling lessons, she lost interest with it and diverted her attention to singing. She later on met Chan Tsiau Bao who encouraged her to make a recording contract. And with her parent, she signed her first contract with Cinepoly at the age of 19. After releasing her first album, she decided to study music in America, where she lived alone in New York. Later on, she came back to Hong Kong where she then went on to release more hit records. Aside from being a diva, Faye is also an awarded actress. In 1994, she starred in a film entitled Chungking Express where she won a best actress award in Sweden. If you want to know more about Faye Wong, I suggest All About Ah Faye.




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