Combine is the first of the two limit breaks of Rinoa. This limit break shows the team work between Rinoa and her dog, Angelo. It is her initial limit break and is available once Rinoa joins your party. Take note though, that this limit break isn't available when Rinoa is in space, particularly when she and Squall are in the Ragnarok spaceship since Angelo stayed down at Earth.

There are eight possible attacks with this limit break. Except for two initial limits, these attacks can only be learned by reading Pet Pals Magazine which can be bought at pet shops or can be aquired along the way. Also, each limit break is executed randomly by Angelo. You do not have control over what trick Angelo and Rinoa will perform.

To learn a limit, pick the magazine from the items menu. Then after reading it, go to Rinoa's status screen and pick the new trick. Have Rinoa in your active party and walk around to learn the trick. Once the red bar at Rinoa's status screen is full then Angelo has learned the trick. You'll be informed by a small chime while walking if Angelo has already learned it. The chime's kinda faint that it's a good idea to regularly check Rinoa's status screen from time to time.

There are two kinds of combine: automatic and manual.


The automatic combine and is performed by Angelo even without Rinoa calling her. In other words, these occur even if Rinoa isn't in critical state and also without losing a turn. These are unscheduled events that are Angelo's response either to Rinoa taking damage, being KO'd, having low HP or just the length of time the party hasn't entered any commands. But in order for automatic combine to occur, you should have Rinoa in your active party.

angelo rush Angelo Rush (initial)
A counter-attack move. When Rinoa receives physical damage, Angelo rushes to the screen towards the enemy that attacked Rinoa and delivers minor damage. Increase Rinoa's STR stat to inflict more damage.

angelo recover Angelo Recover (Pet Pal Vol.2)
Angelo appears in the screen, digs around for a potion, and uses the newly dIgged up Potion or Hi-potion on Rinoa or any party member who is low in hp. This only affects one party member.

angelo reverse Angelo Reverse (Pet Pal Vol.4)
Similar to Angelo Recover, if an ally or Rinoa is KO'd Angelo appears on screen, and throws a a Pheonix Down on Rinoa or any KO'd ally. The party member revives with 1/10th of his HP. This also affects only one party member.

angelo search Angelo Search (Pet Pal Vol.5)
This is a limit that responds to the length of time the party hasn't attacked or used any commands. Angelo appears on screen, sniffs around, digs up the ground and once she finds an item, gives it to Rinoa. The items Angelo find range from common ones like Potions and Pheonix Downs to rare items like Hungry Cookpot, Aegis Amulet and Hero.


The second type of combine is the manual. When Rinoa is able to perform limit breaks, either being in critical state or using Aura, her menu will show Combine. Once Rinoa chooses it, she and Angelo randomly picks one of these limit breaks that she has learned.

angelo cannon Angelo Cannon (initial)
Rinoa whistles and calls for Angelo, Angelo jumps into Rinoa's weapon then Rinoa launches her weapon with Angelo riding it towards all enemies. After dealing the damage, Rinoa rewards Angelo with some dog biscuits. Max out Rinoa's STR stats to increase damage. High STR stats can deal 9999HP damage to all enemies.

angelo strike Angelo Strike (Pet Pal Vol.1)
Rinoa whistles for Angelo, Angelo appears in front of the enemy, sniffs it, grabs the enemy usually by its neck (unless the enemy doesn't have one), throws the enemy to the air, performs two summersaults, and slams the enemy down (think piledriver). Rinoa then rewards Angelo with dog biscuits again. Like Angelo Cannon, max out Rinoa's STR stats to increase damage that can reach up to 9999HP on one enemy. The difference between Angelo Strike and Angelo Cannon is that Angelo Strike only deals damage to one enemy making Angelo Cannon a better move especially later in the game when Rinoa's stats are already pretty high.

invincible moon Invincible Moon (Pet Pal Vol.3)
Rinoa calls Angelo and throws a dog biscuit in the air. Angelo leaps into the air, catches the biscuit right in front of the image of the moon and lands safely. Moonlight shines down on the party and renders all allies temporarily invincible. Similar to using Hero and affects the whole party. All magic and physical damage by the enemy are rendered useless. But at the same time, all curative and support magic cast on an ally is also rendered useless. Use items instead. Boost Rinoa's MAG stats to prolong the time of invincibility.

wishing star Wishing Star (Pet Pal Vol.6)
Rinoa runs alongside Angelo, leaps on Angelo's back and attacks all enemies multiple times like shooting stars. Max out Rinoa's STR and SPD stats to increase damage and the number of hits. The higher the SPD stat, the more hits Rinoa and Angelo can do, sometimes even reaching up to 15 or more. This affects all enemies.

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