Okay. Next item to discuss? Blood type. A lot of Rinoa shrines out there indicate that blood type is undertermined and according to Ultimania, it really is unknown. so I don't know where the heck Bandai got the idea that Rinoa's blood type is A.

Anyway, I came upon ketsueki-gata, the Japanese term for blood type analysis. Type A blood types, according to them are considerate of other people's feelings and are loyal and nurturing towards friends. On the other hand, A-type people are secretive and tend to keep their emotions and feeling on check which makes them sometimes insecure and pessimist. Looking at that brief description of the A-type personality, I personally believe that it doesn't embody Rinoa as a whole. Yes, Rinoa's a caring person and is loyal to her close companions. But being secretive and pessimist? I don't think so. She may be from time to time but most of the time she's open to her feelings, saying what she thinks and feel.

So looking into other descriptions, the B-type personality caught my eye. B-type people have this image of being bright, cheerful, full of energy and enthusiasm. They tend to have a short attention-span that causes them to change from one interest to another. But on the other hand, they do manage somehow to keep their priorities straight, making them realize the importance of some things or people over others and thus making the B-type person extremely passionate about these interests. Now, looking at those points, the B-type personality can fit Rinoa. She's vivacious and cheerful. And she has the passion with what she thinks are really important in her life. Looking at the beginning of the game, Rinoa is a dedicated member of the resistance group, the Forest Owl's. Doing everything possible in soliciting help from other factions and organizations in order to achieve the group's mission. As time moved on, this passion was again shown when she realized that the most important person for her was Squall. Well, yeah, and you know what happened. At the end of the game, she looked for Squall everywhere till she found him and nursed him back to life. *nods nods* you know the story. XD

So technically, Rinoa's blood type isn't just bound to one type, A, as Bandai claimed it to be. She's more likely a cross between the A and the B as explained above. though that doesn't make her an AB which is an altogether different personality.

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