Astrology studies the movements and positions of the planets and stars to determine their influence on human lives. The Zodiac is the apparent path of the Sun through the heavens, and for purposes of astrology contains twelve constellations, or "signs". The most important aspect in determining personality is the "sun sign", or the zone of the Zodiac in which the Sun resided on the person's birth date.

pisces :: image from luvliness.net Sun Sign:   pisces : The Fish
Gemstones:   Chrysolite, Aquamarine
Positive Traits:   Sympathetic, Creative, Understanding
Herbs:   Rose Hips, Seaweed
Ruled by:   Neptune
Key Words:   "I believe"
Negative Traits:   Vague, Indecisive, Weak-willed
Health Concerns:   Immune system, Feet

The typical Pisces personality is often less interested in practical, everyday matters, than with the emotional or spiritual side of life. Many people born under this sign have artistic and creative talent, which will be expressed in nearly everything they do. Most Pisceans have a natural talent for understanding the emotional makeup of other human beings. To others, the Pisces gift of insight into their motivations may seem like magic, but it is simply the product of great natural sensitivity and intuition.

The reference to a Piscean's creative side is very un-Rinoa-like. Teeheehee! Remember that train which she shabilly made? Anyway, other than that Rinoa clearly exemplifies the Piscean traits. She's sensitive with the feelings of others and would be considered sympathetic and understanding. As a lover, Pisces is considered to be faithful, unselfish, loveable and eager to help whomever she might be with. Thus at the end, she tried to help Squall, come back to their present time. Also the fact that the reading above states that a Piscean understand the emotional turmoil one undergoes describes Rinoa's relationship with Squall. Squall, the lone wolf who distances himself from everything and everyone, is easily understood and read by Rinoa.

Reading further, Rinoa is more likely to be considered a Cancer. Crabs are know to represent people who look for emotional security and tranquility. Like the Pisces they are considered to be emotionally sensitive and loyal to close friends. One thing that definitely puts Rinoa in the sign of the crab is that deep down, Rinoa just wants to feel safe, secure and loved. And that's why she hold on to Squall all through the game like the time when the iguions attacked her.


Unlike Western astrology, which uses constellations viewed on a monthly basis to portray human traits, Chinese astrology is based on a yearly cycle, using the lunar calenday. According to legend, Buddha invited all the animals to celebrate the New Year with him, but only twelve arrived on time. They were honored by having the years named after them.

Chinese Year of the Dog
Dog people are likeable, loyal and straightforward. They get along well with others, and are willing to make reasonable compromises. They are affectionate and forgiving, and can be relied on in times of trouble. Dog people have a strong sense of fair play and justice. They take their responsibilities seriously, and will fight fiercely for a good cause. They usually have a simple view of right and wrong; they know what is right and will stick to it. They can be extremely stubborn, especially when they sense a threat or suspect any wrongdoing. Trustworthy and reliable, they make both good leaders and good followers. Most Dogs have a pessimistic streak; their idealism often leads to disillusionment. Overall, they make great friends or mates, who will be devoted to home and family. Dogs do well in careers as counselors, or in public service, and often devote much time to humanitarian efforts.

Likeable, loyal, a sense of justice, fighting for a good cause. These are Dog characteristics that exemplifies Rinoa as a Dog person. Being a part of the active resistance group the Forest Owls, she fights for the independence of Timber from the Galbadian Army even going as far as kidnapping the Galbadian president to talk to him. Aside from that, the Dog's personality of being devoted is exemplified by her. Risking her life to go and save the other members from the Galbadian prison, standing by Squall's side in facing Edea in Galbadia. Also, the stubborness of a Dog person is pretty much Rinoa-like and for most of the time leads to her getting in trouble: insisting that she take part in the sorceress mission at Galbadia even going as far as meeting the sorceress alone, pestering Irvine to go back to the Galbadian Prison in order to rescue Squall and his companions.

Rinoa being a Dog person makes her and Angelo really great partners. They're definitely both loyal, trustworthy, reliable and devoted.

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