Rinoa can be so darn adorable that sometimes you just wish to take her home. But since she's not real, you can't do that. So just to make that dream of taking Rinoa home come true, i've put up an adoption center. Uhmmm..... An online adoption center that is. Anyway, you'll be adopting a Rinoa sprite which you'll be placing on your own site, which is literally your home online, right?! What's a sprite? It's a pixel character, usually used in those old school 2-D games.

Wanna know the when, why, what, where and how? Or just wanna know more about adopting? Read the stuff below. Make sure that you follow the rules if you're getting one.


1. DIRECT LINKING IS A BIG NO-NO. Don't know what direct linking is? It's linking someone's image or file from their own page without uploading the said image or file to their own webspace. You're stealing the owner's bandwidth and they wouldn't want that. So what to do? Right click the sprite, save the image to your pc, then upload it to your own webspace. If you don't have your own webspace, there are numerous image hosting sites out there like, Photobucket and ImageShack. It's as simple as that.

2. USE THE RINOA SPRITE IN YOUR SITE ONLY FOR ADOPTION PURPOSES. First of all, making sprite's kinda hard when you're not used to it (And that's true for my case) So I don't wanna see my Rinoa sprite up for adoption in other adoption pages, or used in a clique or fanlisting as their code. Also do not use them in layouts or as your own graphics.

3. THE RINOA SPRITE GOES HAND-IN-HAND WITH A LINK BACK TO EYES ON ME. It means that the sprite should always link back to this site, always, and I mean always link the sprite here. Nowhere else. Simple.


Just a few steps away and you'll be a legal parent / guardian / (insert whatever title you want) of Rinoa. I'll do this step by step so as not to confuse you but if you wanna skip that all you have to do is just link the sprite to and you're done.

1. See the small Rinoa sprite (pixel image) just below? Right click. Save picture as. And save it to your pc. Then connect to your webspace via ftp (or however you upload files to your site), and upload the Rinoa sprite. If you don't do this, you're not worthy of adopting Rinoa since you're breaking the first rule.

2. Now open your page in your favorite editor. See the box below with the HTML code? Copy everything in that box to your page. Make sure that you have the right paths and the right filename for the Rinoa sprite. Save your page and upload to your webspace.

Jan jan nan nan!!! You're finished! That's it! You are now a proud parent / guardian / (again, insert whatever title you want) of Rinoa. I hope that you two get along together and that you'd take good care of her and never neglect her.

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