• Be a fan of the Ouran Koukou Host Club and it's members: Tamaki, Kyouya, Hani, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi.
  • Name, country and a working email address are required.
  • A decent looking, sounding and believable nick/alias/name please. I'm usually lenient in names but no Tamaki's Girlfriend or something similar please. Names I deem inappropriate are subject to my editing.

Have a site and want it linked? Follow these rules too. Not following these will still get you listed but won't get your site linked.

  • A link back to is required. At least place the code before or immediately after you join. As much as possilble, please use the comment box to tell me exactly the page where your code is.
  • No direct-linking of codes, images and buttons. Please upload them to your own server or a free image hosting site.
  • No porn and any offensive websites.


Use the form below to join. Marked (*) field are required. Old members, use the update form to modify your info. Problems? Email me.

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