Recca no Honoo

Recca no Honoo (烈火の炎; Flame of Recca) is a 33 volume manga by the mangaka Anzai Nobuyuki. In October 18, 1995, it debuted in Shounen Sunday and ran until April 18, 2002 with a total of 329 chapters. In July 19, 1997, Studio Pierrot released an anime version which spanned 42 episodes and ended in July 10, 1998. It tackled the first half of the 33 volume series, up until the Ura Butou Satsujin arc or roughly volume 16 of the manga. Talks for a second season or a continuation of the series might be impossible since the anime changed and left a lot out from the manga which affects the later part of the series. Currently, both the manga and the anime is licensed by VIZ in North America. Aside from the anime and manga, Konami released two video games of the series. Flame of Recca: The Game, a fighting game for the Gameboy Advanced and Flame of Recca FINAL BURNING, an adventure/fighting game for the PlayStation 2.

As for the story, it follows the adventures of a ninja-obsessed high-school boy named Hanabishi Recca who possesses the ability to shoot out flames from his arms. He meets Sakoshita Yanagi, the girl with the inate ability of healing, who resembles the hime or princess he dreams about. After she heals his wounds which he got from protecting her from a group of thugs, he then makes himself her own personal ninja and her, his hime. Together with Recca's friends, Ishijima Domon, Kirisawa Fuuko, Koganei Kaoru and Mikagami Tokiya, they vow to protect Yanagi from Mori Kouran, the evil villian who wants to capture her in order to unlock the secrets of eternal life.

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