Welcome! Looks like you've stumbled upon Tensai, the AFL-listed and TFL-listed fanlisting for Fuji Syuusuke a character from Konomi Takeshi's crack-tastic anime and manga Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis). Due to the popularity of the series, it became the basis of several musicals, a movie, and a Taiwanese drama.

Explore the site by navigating through the links above. Fuji leads nowhere for the time-being so just explore the Fanlisting and Site sections. Now that I'm finished with the introductions, do get yourself listed if you're a fan.

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Tensai is listed under the Characters N-Z category at AFL and the Stage/Theater Characters and Characters: Book/Movie at TFL. It was updated last September 1, 2020 with a total of 564 + 0 members from 41 countries.
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