wanna adopt some cute chocobos? well you've come to the right place. just make sure that you take care of them and make them comfortable. in return they'll be the best pet and obey all things that you'll make em do. okay, maybe i'm going off board here.

september 2, 2004
i decided not to keep track of parent any longer. the list grew to more than 1000 parents and i can't find time to check each and every single link. plus most of the people joining don't really read the rules and instructions. with that said, no more parents list. don't worry since you can still adopt any chocobo that you want.


1. upload the images to your own web space. do not direct-link.
2. always link the chocobos either to kweh or to adopt a chocobo.
3. do not use the chocobo for any other purposes (to fill up galleries, for your own chocobo adoption, etc...) only use them for adoption purposes of this site and this site only.


so here are the orphan chocobos. you can adopt as many as you want. once you have chosen, give it a name, get the code below and place him in his new home at your site. remember! upload your chocobo to your own web space.

yellow blue green red black gold


and now to head you back to kweh ...

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