They're cute. They're cuddly. And most of the time, they're known to be colored yellow. They are the chocobos. Along with moogles, they are a trademark in Square's Final Fantasy games. Welcome to Kweh!, my mini-tribute to these famous lovable and adorable feathered friends. Layout #5 up to commemorate this mini-tribute now hosting the TFL-approved fanlisting for these adorable birds.

Navigation is above. Have fun exploring. Don't forget to pass by the adoption agency where you can get yourself a cute chocobo for your very own. Or join the fans and get listed in the fanlisting. Disclaimers, I don't own chocobos. Square-Enix do.

Comments, suggestions, violent reactions, just get in touch.

Fanlisting stats:

Kweh is listed under the Game > Game Characters category at TFL. It was updated last July 1, 2024 with a total of 139 + 0 members from 29 countries.




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