What is right, and what is wrong... That is decided by the human heart.

I don’t take care of my responsibilities as an adult.

Irrashaimase! You've stumbled upon The Little Brother Network, otherwise known as, a personal collective gathering sites that reflects Teckie's interest. Look around and hopefully you'll find something to your liking.

The current layout, version 17, features screencaps, official artworks and quotes from the BL game, DRAMAtical Murder. Really love the game. Visuals are gorgeous, soundtrack is awesome, plot is good and consensual sex is hot. If you want to try a BL visual novel game, I would highly recommend this one and the follow-up, DRAMAtical Murder: recollection, for a complete experience. But as a warning, there are several non-con parts though and some bad ends contain gore so you still might wanna tread lightly if you do play the game.

This layout should be mobile friendly. But it's still highly recommended that you view it on a computer instead, optimally, with a 1280x800 resolution, for the full experience. If you're on a computer, for faster navigation, use the pixels at the left. This layout has been sitting on my hard drive for months because I was trying to make what I had in mind work. After numerous recoding and the theme changing from a Bravely Default one to DRAMAtical Murder, the hard work finally paid off.

Last updated: April 16, 2022

No one knows what’s right and wrong. It’s the people themselves who decide that.

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