Mon, May 24, 2004, 04:34 pm


redesigns at white-mageNET and kyouNIUE. the white-mageNET has version 16 up, experimental version 002. the colors for experimental 001 got icky for me, so i have to change it. the various text, i got from my favorite judith mcnaught‘s book, kigdom of dreams. as for kyouNIUE, it features azusagawa tsukino from the manga yakitate!! japan, my current obsession.

lastly, i totally removed the updates section at shiromaNU and gave it it’s very own home here (you’re currently reading it). so what happened is that white-mageNET will be like kyouNIUE which will just be a gateway to everything.

Category: kyouNIUE and shiromaNU

Sun, Oct 12, 2003, 01:37 am


consolidating all updates on all the sites on the network here to make my life easier. so no more updates on individual sites. that includes kyouNU. speaking of kyouNIUE, head over there because we have a new layout for that one. this time featuring milk crown. and more oniichan updates. added some avatars so if you wanna use touya in the forums that you go to, go there. parents were added to adopt a chocobo. people still don’t read the rules, don’t they. as for hostees, stacey has a new legend of zelda layout, nancy got a stick vari on hers, steph has a gatekeepers on hers and cherish has a cute pink little mermaid on hers.

Mon, Aug 11, 2003, 05:24 pm


new layout! i’m doing a twin layout with kyouNIUE. so there’s a new layout there too. sorry, i think i’m running out of ideas and my muse isn’t back yet. yeah, blame it on the muse. XD anyway, on other site updates, new contributed fanarts added to eyes on me, and updated the memberlist for adopt a chocobo.