Sat, Oct 29, 2005, 02:57 am

Re-design: kyouNIUE, Update: marikitORG, good vibrations

first of all, tinkered with marikitORG. mostly the archives. and tweaked the older skins too. and then released buttonup version 2.0.

second, kyouNIUE featuring zack from final fantasy vii: advent children. because zack > cloud. but still cloud = <3. XDDD oh, and now, aside from being named orenji network, kyouNIUE’s also known as Ototo Network or Little Brother Network.

third, maaya sakamoto rotation. as promised around two months ago. XD so grab the maaya sakamoto songs i have up. ^_^

fourth, do not direct link to ANY images in kyouNIUE. i’ve disabled direct-linking. >.>

and lastly, i’ll be going out on vacation later on til next week. so i won’t be able to answer any emails or anything. can’t add members for a week on all the fanlistings and such. i’ll be back november 7. wheeeee!!! vacation, here i come!

Sun, Aug 07, 2005, 11:30 am

Re-design: kyouNIUE, Update: Linku

added three new buttons for you to link kyouNU in linku. also removed the shiromaNU buttons in there. note to self: upload new links soon, please.

also, new look at kyouNIUE. this one has ikki from air gear, a manga by oh great! the same mangaka who gave us tenjou tenge. so the manga’s really fanservicey. XD but then, since i featured the main guy, the layout’s not boobilicious. XDDD

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Tue, Mar 01, 2005, 04:05 pm

Re-design: kyouNIUE

kyouNIUE got a face lift featuring Ban and Ginji from Get Backers. the layout is part of the OTC domain layout marathon started by arashi. officially starting today and ending on the first of april but i’ll be keeping it up after that because i’m lazy and Ban x Ginji is my Get Backers’ OTP! <33

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Sun, Jan 23, 2005, 01:49 am

Re-design: kyouNIUE, Update: Eyes on Me

new layout at the orenji network featuring the elric brothers, ed and al, from the anime/manga series full metal alchemist. that’s version 7.

as for eyes on me, uploaded 3 new 100 x 100 icons which is really meant to be used for livejournals but can actually be used any way else. XP oh and also deleted the two 50 x 50 avatars i have up since they were really really crappy. will do some of those next time. also cleaned and added to the links list. and lastly, joined the balamb webring. by the way, if you’ve submitted something in the past and still don’t see it up here, just send them to my new email, since it’s likely that i’ve lost it in the ton of spam i got from my old email address.

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Tue, Jan 18, 2005, 12:24 am

Update: kyouNIUE

*pokes a stick at kyouNIUE* well, there you go. the orange network’s finally up and running after about a month of being down. hehehe. was finally able to pay my credit card bills and so was able to pay for changing it’s DNS. one thing i really really really hate about .nu names. changing the DNS costs 10Euros. damn you NU!!! but i love that domain name, so i won’t be letting it go soon. now to search my harddrive for the new layout i was planning to give it.

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