Thu, Dec 15, 2005, 05:41 pm

Revamp: Eyes on Me

finally, uploaded the new layout for eyes on me. yay!!! today’s the fifth year of the rinoa shrine being up! five years! oh my god! I can’t believe it’s already that old. *^O^*

anyway, aside from the new design, converted the whole site to php and also re-wrote and re-organized a lot of stuff particularly in the information section. won’t be detailing them because as far as i remember, i tinkered with all the pages. also added a new guide: propagators and the forbidden stones. completed the disc 2 quotes section. updated the filmography and discography of faye wong. added the old affiliates in the affiliates section to commemorate them. and cleaned and added to the link list.

if you submitted some fanart and fanfics for the site, don’t worry. that will come in the next update, along with more write-ups, hopefully next month. if you’ve asked to be affiliated before, like back in 2004 or when the shrine was stagnant, email me back because it was more than likely that i was supposed to accept it but i became lazy. and now, after a year, i have no idea if you still want to be affiliates. so if you asked before for affiliation, feel free to ask again.

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