Sun, Jan 23, 2005, 01:49 am

Re-design: kyouNIUE, Update: Eyes on Me

new layout at the orenji network featuring the elric brothers, ed and al, from the anime/manga series full metal alchemist. that’s version 7.

as for eyes on me, uploaded 3 new 100 x 100 icons which is really meant to be used for livejournals but can actually be used any way else. XP oh and also deleted the two 50 x 50 avatars i have up since they were really really crappy. will do some of those next time. also cleaned and added to the links list. and lastly, joined the balamb webring. by the way, if you’ve submitted something in the past and still don’t see it up here, just send them to my new email, since it’s likely that i’ve lost it in the ton of spam i got from my old email address.

Category: Eyes on Me and kyouNIUE