Mon, Dec 13, 2004, 06:09 pm

Revamp: Eyes on Me

finally uploaded the new layout for eyes on me after letting it sit in my hard drive for months. also this one’s in time for the 4th anniversary of the site on december 15th 2004!!! big hugs and kisses goes to saki for giving me this layout as a gift last year. yeah, you heard that right. she gave it to me last year and it’s only now that i’m uploading it.

a couple of new content here and there too. i know most of the information section were updated and corrected. specifically profile, name, zodiac, attire, statistics and limit breaks. added a new game guide, abusing the angel wing limit break, to the game guides section. since i lost all aim buddy icons, removed those and added a couple ugly ones. also made some rinoa livejournal icons for your usage. lastly, cleaned and also added to the links section.

i’m planning to add more plus there’s also a couple of broken things here and there so i’ll just fix that up and add those on the next update.

Category: Eyes on Me

Mon, Dec 13, 2004, 01:01 pm

Update: Good Vibrations

updated good vibrations with a full metal alchemist feature. opening and ending themes are available there.

Category: Good Vibrations