Sat, Sep 11, 2004, 11:35 pm

Updated: Good Vibrations, Kweh

updates time, yet again. first of the updates, new mp3 rotation at good vibrations. again, request feature so if you requested something for the past two weeks, check that one out.

second, finally updated kweh with a couple new content, particularly the ff8 chocobo world (with a download to the stand-alone chocobo world game) and the ff9 tetra master sections, one wallpaper made by me, and lastly, cleaned and added to the links section.

Category: Good Vibrations and Kweh!

Thu, Sep 02, 2004, 09:07 pm

Re-design: Kweh

it’s september!!!!!! and you know what’s happening in september? it’s shiromaNU aka white-mageNETWORK’s birthday!!! yaaay! yaaay! this year, this lovable domain (well, lovable for me that is XD) turns a whooping three years! i can’t believe that i already have this one for three years.

anyway, to start the month of, new look at the chocobo adoption agency. and since i’m really really really having a hard time maintaining the parents list, i just scrapped it out. i’m really sorry. ;___; forgive me? you can still adopt chocobos though. so if you want one, i suggest that you go there.

Category: Announcements and Kweh!