Mon, May 24, 2004, 04:34 pm


redesigns at white-mageNET and kyouNIUE. the white-mageNET has version 16 up, experimental version 002. the colors for experimental 001 got icky for me, so i have to change it. the various text, i got from my favorite judith mcnaught‘s book, kigdom of dreams. as for kyouNIUE, it features azusagawa tsukino from the manga yakitate!! japan, my current obsession.

lastly, i totally removed the updates section at shiromaNU and gave it it’s very own home here (you’re currently reading it). so what happened is that white-mageNET will be like kyouNIUE which will just be a gateway to everything.

Category: kyouNIUE and shiromaNU