Eyes on Me »

A comprehensive tribute to the Final Fantasy VIII heroine, Rinoa Heartilly, this is also the first tribute I've ever done. Opened last December 2000, it's still being sporadically updated when the mood strikes me. The tribute got it's name from the game's theme song, Eyes on Me, sung by Faye Wong.

Eyes on Me: v4 - Happy Big Five

To celebrate the big 5 for the Rinoa shrine! It features, of course, Rinoa. XD Image taken from the shrine's FMV screencap gallery. Font's Dynomite. I like this a lot because of the colors. BTW, this is version 4 because version 3 was a gift layout by the lovable Saki. Thanks a lot, Saki!!! *hugs*

Eyes on Me: v2 - [untitled]

I love this layout to bits. The pastelly colors. And that cute cute super dooper cute fanart by Sandy. Of course it was used with permission. Had to put this up because the old layout was getting on me. Updating was getting troublesome and everything so I kinda revamped the content of the site. Font's 04b_11.

Eyes on Me: v1 - [untitled]

I totally adore this layout. I don't know how, but everything just meshed well together. At first, I used the ever famous but evil Bratta scroller. I said evil because when it loads a page with tons of images on it, eg. a gallery page, it takes hours for it to load everything. So from a Bratta scroller, switched it to your normal scrollbar. Font's Runic Condensed

Kweh »

Originally a mini-tribute to the chocobos, now, it also houses the TFL-listed fanlisting for them. The fanlisting was one of my ultimate kill-for if ever I had a list. So that totally made my life. Also, as far as I know, this is the only chocobo shrine around. Aside from the tribute and fanlisting, it also houses an adoption site that grew to humongous proportions that I had to scrap the parents list. Kweh, the title of the site pertains the the specific sound the chocobos make. Sometimes though, they also make a different sound, wark.

Kweh: v6 - [untitled]

A personal favorite, this one just came out perfect. This celebrates the time that I was finally able to get the TFL approved chocobo fanlisting. I swear that's one of my most kill-for. I think I learned my lesson in using yellow in my layouts here... Do not overpower your layout with bright yellows and always tone your yellows down. I've used several textures to further tone down the yellow in the background. The image I took from the tribute's gallery. The fonts' used are Pea Jenny Script and Pea Mystie Caps.

Kweh: v5 - Yellow and White Stripes

I'm not fond of this. I do love the small image of the chocobo at the header though. I think that came from the promotional posters and pictures for the game Chocobo Tales for the Nintendo DS. Now that I think about it, that game's the reason why I had to make a new layout. Sadly, I didn't like the results. The colors aren't to my liking. The pattern at the back's too bold. And lastly, the chocobo image's too small. Font's the basic Arial Black.

Kweh: v4 - The Different Faces of Chocobo

I heard a lot of complaints about the last layout: the font's too small, the content space's too narrow, lots of wasted space in the right. Yeah, it has it flaws, that being too left aligned and too cramped. So I decided to rehaul the layout. So here you go! I like the result. The tiny windows of chocobo's faces show his different emotions... Thus the title of the layout. Images used were all taken from the different FMV captures that I have up in the shrine while fonts used were Circled, Snoot.org Pixel and BM Mini.

Kweh: v3 - Chocobos, Don't You Just Lurv Em?!

I love this. It's weird how this is the only picture of a chocobo that I can make a decent layout with. At least, the grids and circles kinda added to the enhancement of the chocobo image. Anyway, the only problem I encountered with this layout was that the information container's just too darn narrow. Other than that I love this one.

Kweh: v2 - [untitled]

Hating this. It's so hard to find a pic to work with. It's either the pics are too small, or the pics are too complicated or sometimes too plain. So I just have to make with what I have. Argh! And I hate the outcome. Can't remember the fonts I've used in this layout. That's how much I hate it.

Kweh: v1 - [untitled]

The very first layout. I love the chocobo heads used as navi. The color's kinda okay but I'm not used to using yellow for layouts. But since chocobo's are usually colored yellow (and the pic I was using was mostly yellow) I used that color. Font's Humanoid

Oniichan »

A tribute for Touya Kinomoto, the older brother of the heroine from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Sakura. Sakura calls Touya Oniichan since it's the Japanese translation of older brother and thus the name of the site.

Oniichan: v2 - Play it Again, Touya. One Last Time.

I find this one better than the first layout. The only problem is that it's too pinkish. Not too Touya. XS This was the launch layout since I really didn't launch the site on the previous layout. Fonts used were Scriptina and 04b_03.

Oniichan: v1 - [untitled]

With the tons of Cardcaptor Sakura pics that I have, only a few have Touya in it that's layout-able (is there a word?! XD). This isn't actually one of them, but I had that concept of leaning on the frames stuck in my head. Basically, it's an okay layout for me. Still like it. And the color's soothing. Font's Velvet.