My domain for 4 years since September 2001, the domain name died on September 2005. It was registered September 6, 2001 at NUNames and first hosted at hostiva. Everything was good with hostiva until they boomed around October of the same year. Then they experienced a lot of downtimes that made me decide to go with another hosting company. Moved hosting to the dead www-hosting. Though they're a bit expensive, I love their support and the uptime's just great. But since I'm a cheapskate, switched to hostradius. Not much problem with them. I think they now merged with insiderhosting.

I kinda re-invented shiromaNU around September 2002, at it's one year anniversary. Instead of housing my anime projects in it too, I thought that I'll just let it be a gaming, special projects and hosting collective. And with that, I renamed it to the White-Mage Network. The problem is the name shiromaNU kinda stuck.

By 2005, I felt the burden of maintaining two .nu domain names. Each one costs an arm, a leg and a heart. So I decided that I would just let shiromaNU lapse and just maintain one, kyouNIUE.

What's with the name? Shiroma is a not-so-well-known character who made her debut on Chocobo Dungeon 2. Later on, she joined chocobo and his friends in another game, Chocobo Racing. I like her a lot for a few reasons but mainly because she's so adorable and she loves chocobo.

shiromaNU: v17 - I Wanna Run to You

The very first layout for the domain where i used two of my favorite video game characters, Squall and Rinoa. I actually love this. Love the colors and the image I used. The image was taken from my Rinoa shrine, Eyes on Me and it's from the cover of Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections. Fonts used were American Classic for the different links and Hanshand for the title text. Like ver16, the slicing of the image's bottom half was kinda difficult (though not as difficult as the previous version) since I just want the link to be that small text. But even if it was difficult, it was worth it for me. I love the final results.

shiromaNU: v16 - Kingdom of Dreams

From 14 to 16 just because I don't have a cap of the shitty ver15 when my pc crashed. But then ver15 isn't even worth mentioning. So we have ver16. It's actually the second experimental layout, 15 being the first. Didn't used any pictures or photographs in this one. Just used some text which I got from the first two paragraphs of one of my most favorite books ever, Judith Mcnaught's A Kingdom of Dreams. If I remember correctly, the font I used for all those text was times new roman. For an experimental layout, I kinda like it. Had a hard time slicing the image though since I had to keep in mind the links that are scattered as yellow text throughout the whole image.

shiromaNU: v14 - Strawberries and Mint

This one's kinda okay. I just feel that there's some wasted space in the upper left of the layout. Other than that, I kinda like it. If you don't know, that girl's the spunky hard-headed heroine, Mint, from the squaresoft game, Threads of Fate. I think I got the image, again, from rpgfan. Fonts used were Countryside, Bit Darling 10 and 4mini.

shiromaNU: v13 - ;Teeny Bip Bop Hop

Since I love the checkered background I made for the marikitORG Joker layout, I just have to use it again and this time twice since i'm doing this with a twin/sister layout with kyouNIUE. This is the cute priestess (I think it's the priestess) from the mmorpg Ragnarok Online. Font used was Guild of Professional Actors. Why the twin layout? Maybe because I'm just tired of making layouts and nothing new is coming to my mind lately. My muse took a vacation and hasn't returned yet. XP Anyway, I actually love the results.

shiromaNU: v12 - The Key of Darkness

Kingdom Hearts layout. I'm actually not fond of this layout. It's not what I pictured it to be. First and foremost, I didn't like the blend of blue and yellow in that one. And the font was kinda small. It's weird why I still put it up. Anyway, it's Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Image I think I got from here. If not, it's one of those easy to find images of Sora.

shiromaNU: v11 - Partying GRANDIA Style

Grandia's one of the most underrated games I've ever encountered. It's really good, I tell you. But then again, I'm one heck of a player that's easily pleased. Anyway, this here, I actually love. Had trouble tinkering with what color to use but ended up using hues of brown. That's the whole gang from Grandia 2 including my most favorite characters Millerna and Ryudo. I looove those two. They're better than a Ryudo x Elena XD Title image used ColophonDBZ.

shiromaNU: v10 - Purple Madness

Another favorite. Why? Because that checkboard background just gave me a splitting headache. But I still love the final product! The checkboard at the back of Ingrid just can't seem to align with the body background. So I just made it the background of the remaining width of the table. Argh! >.< It's pretty hard to explain. Like I said, the image is of a new character in Capcom Fighting All Stars named Ingrid. Saw some screencaps of her and she look awesome. Title font was VladimirScrD.

shiromaNU: v9 - Flying High in the Sky

Another Sega layout. This time it's Vyse and Aika from the game Skies of Arcadia. Though I haven't played this game (I don't have a Dreamcast XD), the characters looks sooo cute and cool. This is one of my personal faves. I love the effects I had in the text. And the hue of red used is really cool. And I really love that image of the two, Aika looking all up and hyper while Vyse looking down and maybe just tired of Aika XD. Anyway, font used was pixel 10.

shiromaNU: v8 - \ Sonic-Boom-Boom //

An Amy Rose layout! I haven't seen much Sega layouts around so I thought of making one. There are a lot of good Sega character designs out there that needs to be unearthed anyway. So I first started it with Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog's gal. Can't remember where I got the image. The links at the bottom open up in a pop-up window, which is the second screenshot. The font used for the title was Redensek.

shiromaNU: v7 - One Year Birthday Bash

It's actually hard to look for Shiroma pics to use for layouts and so I have to rely greatly on my playstation games. This one I captured from the end credits of Chocobo Racing. It's in celebration of shiromaNU's one year anniversary. Problem is I just didn't like this layout. The colors are okay, I love the picture, but there's something missing with it that I can't put a finger on. Anyway, the first cap is the "splash" page and the second one is the content pop-up. There are rectangular boxes on the splash page that fades in/fades out for you to access the content. Up until now, I dunno why I did it. The font used for the title image was Lovely Capsule while I used Times New Roman for the content. Yup! You heard me right. Times New Roman actually looks good if used properly. And I also used it in support for TNR.

shiromaNU: v6 - Kweh!

Another sidescroller from me! Hee hee hee. And a personal favorite too. I just looooove chocobos. They're sooo cute! I'm not particularly fond of yellow though but the hue of yellow I used for this one is actually pretty. And I looove playing the fonts in this one since I was able to apply the fade.js script properly. I got the image from FFIX's artwork page at Font used was Pornhut.

shiromaNU: v4 - RELEASE!

Feeding my obsession with Cardcaptor Sakura, I came up with this one. This layout had several layers: the content, the personal scrollbar, and Sakura's cape. I love the scripts I used for this one. First the personalized scrollbar which i got here. Unlike the DHTML scroller, the personalized scrollbar just acts like a normal scrollbar. The difference is that you can have an image as a scrollbar! As for the cape, it's over the text making the image of sakura more complete without any hindrance of text. *is hoping that you get what she means* The image is one of those easy to find images floating around any CCS shrine. I also love the effect of using Silkscreen as a major font for the text. so unless you don't have the Silkscreen font, it will never come out as expected. As far as anime layouts at shiromaNU are concerned, this would be the only anime-related layout this domain will have.

shiromaNU: v3 - Nine For the Mortal Men Doomed to Die

Again, a personal favorite. Before the boom of sidescrolling pages, I had this. I loooove the ringwraiths. Bite me. They're cool. They're scary. They're evil. *mwahaha* *choke* Well, you would expect a ringwraiths layout to be dark, maybe even black. But I can't just picture myself to make a dark layout. And anyway, I won't be able to achieve the same effect... I think. I got the image of the ringwraiths from the official LOTR site. The text in the image is the famous ode about the rings being given to the different races. I can't remember what font I used for that. As for the title shiromaNU, that's Carpenter.

shiromaNU: v2 - Goes Raggie-oh!

A personal favorite. Why? I love the picture (it's the male archer from Ragnarok Online). I love the colors. And mainly because it's innovative. I have everything in one page which makes it really really easy to maintain. And I haven't seen a lot of pages that's upside down. Like I said, the pic came from Ragnarok Online.

shiromaNU: v1 - shiroma[dot]nu

The pilot layout. Of course it should be Shiroma herself. And it's pink. And it's frames. It's hard to look for a pic of Shiroma since she's really not that well known. To some people, she's just known as the white mage even. Kinda generic. I like this layout. Simple yet cute. Image was captured from my Chocobo Racing Playstation cd. Title font is 04b_03.