*my critter*

Back when cliques were still the fad, this was the only clique for claiming anime and gaming critters or pets. You know, those adorable animals? The list became pretty big and time consuming to maintain. So I just decided to close it.

*my critter*: v4 - We're Going on a Picnic!

Cute Kirara, Kurora and Kagome pic scanned from my Newtype magazine. Those critters from Inuyasha are just so darn cute. From this layout onwards, I created a backend script to make updating of the members list easier. Font was Colophon DBZ.

*my critter*: v3 - Konyanyachiwa!

Konyanyachiwa! Aaahhh!!! The adorable Kero-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura. Yes, Kero-chan is just so darn cute, isn't he! That pic of him makes me wanna go "Puudding! Waiii! Puddinggg!!" even if there's no pudding around. XD This one looks kinda hurried. Pic personally scanned from my Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Book 1.

*my critter*: v2 - [untitled]

That's version two. I don't have version one on file. Anyway, I love the image I used because it's one of those characters that's just utterly adorable. That's Guz from the game, Chocobo Dungeon 2. He's so adorable in that form. Image used was screencapped by me. Font used was 04b_11.

Angel Wings

A webring for those who just love Rinoa Heartilly, the heroine from Final Fantasy VIII. This ring was tied up with my Rinoa Heartilly shrine, Eyes on Me. I had to close this down since ringsurf became a bitch and stopped functioning like a webring should function.

Angel Wings: v1 - [untitled]

Simple yet cute. I love this. Why is it that I love my Rinoa-related layouts. Anyway, the polaroid-effect is cute. I think that's the major reason why I love it. XD And it's Rinoa anyway. Font used was 04b_11.


This was supposed to be like a gaming hub for the network. I've scoured the internet to find javascript games that are pretty fun to play. I think I was able to add a few including some card games and battleship. And then I killed it since I really didn't see any use for it anymore.

Arcade: v1 - [untitled]

There's not much Sonic love going around. It's mostly Square and Final Fantasy. So I have here one of the characters from Sonic the Hedgehog. The problem is that I don't know who that cute lovable creature is. And now I can't remember where I got the image.


Basically, a webring for gamers, be it PC or any console games, who loves blogging. Only requirement was that you have to love games, have to love blogging, and your love for games should at least be visible in your blog. I had to close it due to the fact that ringsurf started to stop functioning like a webring.

GamerLOGS: v1 - [untitled]

I love this layout! Super Mario! I grew up with Mario. My fave character's the toadstools. Mushroom, baby! Yeah! I was supposed to animate the lot, but I didn't have time. So just stuck with a static background. But even if that's the case, love this one, really.

Good Vibrations

I had this site for a long time. I loved this one because I got to interact with my site visitors. It's not just an ordinary mp3 rotation site. I asked about their opinions on the current rotations, if they liked it or not, and they do comment back. There's also a notification newsletter where I add special bonus downloads. Sadly, when my love for anime waned, I just can't think of any songs to offer. So it became stagnant for years. I tried to revive it by asking if they want other types of music and got a good response. I said to myself that before I relaunch the site, I would really like to rewrite my maintenance script for the site. Sadly, I'm pretty swamped with other stuff that it always gets pushed back. I still haven't given up on it but for now I'll keep this one closed.

Good Vibrations: v3 - Lettin' You Think

When I started straining my eyes just to read what I have up at the last layout, it made me realize that I really have to change it and fast... And so this is one of those one hour layouts. I still like how it came out, even if it was that fast *snaps fingers* Fullmoon from the manga/anime Full Moon wo Sagashite. Scanned the image myself from one of the chapter inserts from the first volume of the series. Font was Scriptina. Also started using a php/mysql script by me for the backend.

Good Vibrations: v2 - Singin' A Capella Style!

Second version of the mp3 rotation site. Though kinda hard to read, I pretty much like the image and the concept I had of the layout. Image was personally scanned from my own Card Captor Sakura Illustration Collection. The green can be irritating but that was the only color that meshes well in the color scheme.

Good Vibrations: v1 - Give Me Some Good Vibrations!

kyouNIUE's anime mp3 rotation site. This was actually version 1.01 cause the first version was just a copy of kyouNIUE's version 2 layout. Cute pics of Ten-chan, Urameshi and Kotaru from Pita Ten. Love. Love. Love. Fonts used were Velvet and 04b_03.


The guestbook have seen a lot of deaths and reincarnation. I remember I tried to run it on megabook. When it was overridden with spam, I closed it. Reopened it using signmyguestbook but after a while closed it too. And lastly, reopened it again this time using BellaBook but again, when it was spammed to death, just gave up and closed it down.

Insigno: v4 - [untitled]

I actually love this. It's minimalistic again. With the hues of blue, grey and white. I tried Bellabook on this layout. Though it was fine at the start it was immediately overridden with spam a week later. So sadly, this will be the last reincarnation the guestbook will see for a while.

Insigno: v3 - Taking a Stroll on the Prairie

Part of the scenic layout I had going across the network. This one featuring a meadow. Google is my friend for this image. The matted image tutorial I got from her. There's a pattern in the background that I used from squidfingers. Font used was Killigraphy. This layout was the revival layout of the guestbook. Took it down when it was overridden with spam on megabook. So I decided to move it to my not-used account on signmyguestbook with this layout.

Insigno: v2 - Catch You Catch Me

I love the picture that I used here. It's Sakura in her pink glory! XD When I had this up, I think I have another new layout up as well in another of my sites (can't remember which one.) And IIRC, I love this layout more than that one. Fonts were Parisian and 04b_03.

Insigno: v1 - [untitled]

Ahhh... Lara Croft. Angelina Jolie. I love this one. Lara Croft hanging suspended in the air. Added a radial blur in the background to show speed. I dunno if it was ever noticed though. But heck, Angelina Jolie stole the limelight ^^;; Font used was 04b_11.

Kingdom Hearts Group Blog

During the time when group blogs were a fad, my and some of my hostees and friends thought up of making a Kingdom Hearts group blog. I was Yuffie at that time. After a few months, everyone just stopped posting in it. And in the end, we just closed it.

Kingdom Hearts Group Blog: v2 - [untitled]

The group Kingdom Hearts' blog. This is the second version. I think, the first one was done by Kairi. Anyway, it's the very first world in the game, Destiny Island, where Sora, Kairi, Riku, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie all lived. I was Yuffie over there.


I thought of creating a network link page when I had several domains back then. It's pretty hard to maintain two separate link pages when you just actually have one set of links. I even created a link maintenance script for it named ButtonUp, though right now that's abandonware. But even when I started maintaining only one domain, I still kept it since the main domain page was just a listing of sites. Right now, my links page is again integrated into the domain collective but more than likely, once I've rewritten my linking script, this would be revived.

Linku: v2 - Hues of Blue

A part of the color-theme layouts I did around the network. This one featuring the colors of blue. It's been a long time since I did a side-scrolling page. This one being a tableless side-scroller. Font used was Ben Brown.

Linku: v1 - [untitled]

The network's link section. I was having a hard time maintaining two separate link list so i just came up with one for both sNU and kNIUE. It's just a simple page but I love this to bits... Again, I'm a sucker for simplistic minimalist designs. And don't forget that it's colored blue. XD Font used was Geeves.


The network e-card section. If you wanted to forward an e-card to someone, you could use several images here. The images I and several contributors made were anime and video game specific. I never expandad the choices available and never updated the script. And those are mainly the reasons why I shut this down.

Messenger: v1 - Don't Kill the Messenger

The card section of my tiny network. (Though I think I really have to update the cards in there right now.) Ahhhh... Cute little Lime with her cute little Otaru plush doll from Saber Marionette J. I love that series. It's one of my very first loved series. And that pic is just darn cute. Font's Carpenter.

Shugotenshi Collective

My collective prior to getting a domain. Since I got a domain, closed this one. I had this collective for a year or more. Shugotenshi is the japanese translation of guardian angel. If I remember correctly, I had this freely hosted from hypermart.net to digitalrice.com where it died.

Shugotenshi Collective: v7 - Aquatic Princess

Seventh layout featuring an artwork of Yuna from Final Fantasy X by sandy. There's a grid pattern behind the pic on the background which is not visible again from the screencap.

Shugotenshi Collective: v6 - Two Lovers

Sixth version featuring a nearly dead Squall and Rinoa. I love the pic I used here. So gloomy, so sad. Anyway, I had a big problem with the background since I have a really crappy monitor way back then. The cloudy/foggy effect kinda showed all jagged.

Shugotenshi Collective: v5 - Chooser of the Slain

Fifth version and that's Lenneth Valkyrie from the game Valkyrie Profile. I liked that game but I just easily lost interest in it. The battle system's pretty good. Anyway, I love the character designs from the game. And Lenneth just looks pretty.

Shugotenshi Collective: v4 - Winter Wonderland

This is the fourth version. It's my one and only seasonal layout. I hate seasonal layouts personally because you're obliged to take it down after the season. I think it's stressful especially if you're one of those people that makes layout only when you feel like it.

Shugotenshi Collective: v3 - Evergreen

A green layout! I got the cute pic from Limechan's Wallpaper Hideout (which i can't remember the url). I don't know who she is. I just think that she has this really cute eyes.

Shugotenshi Collective: v2 - [untitled]

Dedicated to Lime of Saber Marionette J. She's just soooo cute. Yellow, black, white was my scheme, like what Lime's wearing. I actually played with DHTML on this. First time I played with it. Though I don't have the script right now so I can't post it.


A ring for Squaresoft-related domain names. Be it a song from any Square games, a character, a place, magic, creature... anything as long as the domain name is Squaresoft-related. Since I dropped shiroma.nu, my only Squaresoft-related domain, I decided to close the ring too.

SquareD: v1 - [untitled]

Another sidescroller. I love sidescrolling. Anyway, this is fairly simple (yeah! XP like I have some complicated layouts *rolls eyes*) Everything in one page except for the members. The image is that of Yuna performing that dance (name of dance slips my mind...) Font used was 04b_11.


This was supposed to be my personal site, my little niche in the web. The place where I can talk about myself, my likes, dislikes and whatever. I thought up this little project back in the very early 2000s. Sadly I never get to flesh it out. I know I'm a boring person so I just dropped this project all together.

Unnamed: v1 - [untitled]

Kinda lost interest in this one. Yup! Even on a personal site, I lose interest. That's how boring I can be. XD But it's Lara Croft! And she's half-nude! Har! Har! Har!