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A listing of fanlistings that I own and have joined. So it's sorta a fanlisting collective. Only it's not that a complete listing because I haven't put up a wishlist and all that other stuff. Plus, I'm still in the process of joining the tons of listing that I wish to join.

*squee*: v4 - [untitled]

Another site to use the grey, white and blue color scheme. I like this a lot but my only problem with it is if my owned fanlisting list grew, I would almost scroll like forever just to reach the bottom. Other than that, I like everthing about it. Also I started keeping a Keep-in-Mind list from this version. Pretty much hacked it from my installation of Enth.

*squee*: v3 - Ooh Yummy Sexy Jensen!

Though simple this might be, I actually like it. The poster boy's Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester in the hit show, Supernatural. He's so freaking hot. The layout is just a header image of him and I just used colors in the text to prettify it. I like how the image header turned out. That image underwent a lot of selective color layers in Photoshop to achieve that coloring. And at the end, I'm satisfied with it.

*squee*: v2 - A Disastrous Wedding

Layout featuring screencaps of Elizabeth Swann/Kiera Knightley from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I absolutely love the PotC. The layout's technically version 2.1. Since I hated my version 2 even before coding it, I just scrapped that one and up til now, it's residing in my layouts folder. Font used was Eight Track.

*squee*: v1 - The Squeeing FANGIRL in Me

Simple layout. I was debating what image to use to show my fangirlism. But I can't think of one. Decided not to use any so that I won't be biased towards any of my fandoms. XD Fonts used were Cookies and Take Five.


Here's all the 404 pages I've had. My 403 pages all looked similar the their 404 counterparts. One of the best things of having my own domain is actually the 404s. XD I love tinkering with them and at least make them interesting and not just your normal "This page is missing."

404s: The Blue Screen of Death

It's Windows' Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) coming out to haunt you! XD Just played around with this one to make it similar to the BSoD. No image or anything. Just plain blue background and system fonts.

404s: Ragnarok Online

If i'm not mistaken, Ragnarok's one of my most used layout pictures. Anyway, another Ragnarok Online here. What I love about this is the box below the reading girl and her monkey has trivia in it that changes every refresh of the page. Mister Earl's the font.

404s: oopsie

This is a fanart made by me. Actually it's more of a self-portrait anime-fied. XD And it graced marikitORG only. I really would like to doodle more. Funny thing is I always end up hating my doodles.

404s: Ken Hidaka

Ken Hidaka gracing the 404 page! I love Ken. I love him more than the other weiß. That hair, those goggles, that orange sweatshirt tied at his waist that just makes him so darn shexay. Enough of that. Anyway, this one uses those scrollers though modified. Font used was 04b_03.

Adopt-A-Chocobo »

An adoption site for chocobos, this site is tied with my chocobo tribute. I initially had a parents list that grew to thousands. Since it was hard maintaining the parents list, I just scrapped it and just had the adoption pixels up.

Adopt-A-Chocobo: v2 - Going Under the Sea

Got tired of keeping track of over 1000 parents and deleted the parent list for this one. So here's just a plain adoption site. Had a hard time looking for a pic to use and just settled for this tiny bit of chocobo gif I found at the shrine. Simple, clean, and neat. But I like what happened with it. *is a sucker for simple and clean layouts*

Adopt-A-Chocobo: v1 - [untitled]

First had this in pop-up and as a part of kweh! when the member list grew really huge, I then placed it in a site of it's own. I kinda liked this layout so when I switched to frames instead of pop-up, I just stuck with the old layout. Basically, I love the image I used (which I can't remember where I got). Love the colors. Love the chocobos. Font's Carpenter.

Bare Necessities »

Initially this was the FAQ, miscellany and contact page for the network. As time moved on, I scrapped the FAQ and miscellany and just made it into the main contact hub of all the sites. Who reads network FAQs anyway.

Bare Necessities: v4 - Blend of Orange and Violet

After doing the scenic-themed layouts around the network, I did a color-themed layouts. And this one features hues of oranges and violets with a tinge of pink. Colors brought about by the sunset. Of all the color-themed layouts, I like this one the best. Font used is Ben Brown.

Bare Necessities: v3 - The Promises Made Shall Never be Broken

Blue and Rinoa. There's a pattern in the background that I got from squidfingers though I changed it from green to blue to match the color scheme I have. The matted image tutorial used here was taken from her. The whole layout I copied from version 3 of the guestbook... because my muse wasn't with me at that time. Image taken from my rinoa shrine, Eyes on Me. And fonts used were Take Five and Scriptina.

Bare Necessities: v2 - Loki and Reiya Sitting on a Tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G

From one of the series that I really love because of several bishies in it, Matantei Loki Ragnarok. Sakura Kinoshita's artwork really are droolworthy. We have here Loki in his child form and Reiya, freya's child form. If you want a drool-fest series, grab this title and wait till you see Loki in his adult form. It had me wetting my pants. XD Anyway, back to the layout, font used was Eight Track. Though it's a bit hard to read, I still like the final results.

Bare Necessities: v1 - [untitled]

The network FAQ or contact page. It features the two main characters from Squaresoft's Threads of Fate. Had a hard time squeezing everything that I would like to squeeze in it since I don't want the page to scroll or anything.

Merry-Go-Around »

Semi-public semi-private personal LJ. Though most stuff on marikitORG will be cross-listed, there are occasional friends-locked entries in it for private matters.

Merry-Go-Around: v1 - Around the Merry-Go-Round We Go

This is a brother layout with version 24 of marikitorg, tareginji. Here we have chibi Ban! Also from Getbackers. Got it from a wallpaper also from dakkanya.net. Everything was supposed to be right-aligned. IE rendered it differently in the screencap. but in Firefox, that looked different and more to my liking.

Untitled »

I planned this site just to be a layout archive but then I started to form the idea that I also want it to be a mini-resource center. So it became a network museum where I would showcase the past and present layouts from all the sites in the network and their backstories, the fonts I've used, tutorials to a couple of effects and scripts used and links to web resources I've tried. so yeah, if you have a question as to why this layout is such, what fonts did I use, where'd I get those scripts, or how did I do that kind of effect, just visit and it's likely to be there.

Untitled: v3 - Splash of Yellow

The third one on the color-themed layouts around the network. Featuring bright yellow from those gorgeous roadside blooms. I really don't know what those flowers are but their color is too vivid. Like all the color-themed layouts, font used was Ben Brown.

Untitled: v2 - Different Shades of the Sun

Part of the scenic layout I have going across the network. Featuring the sunset in this one. Though instead of oranges and reds, made up of peach, pink and violet. This is an okay layout. The image I just googled. I have no idea where I got it. Font's  Asenine.

Untitled: v1 - [untitled]

The first layout for untitled. I think this one dated back sometime in 2002. One of my longest layouts ever up. Since it's that while ago, I can't remember where I got the picture. ^^;

Updates »

The consolidated update log of the whole network that runs on WordPress. If you check out any site in the network and it has a last update date, it will eventually lead here. I thought of moving this to LiveJournal but disregarded it because I could hack the log to work however I want it to work. Plus I'm scared that maybe no one will read it there and that will just break my heart and will further demotivate me on working on my sites. Yes, I'm insecure like that. :x

Updates: v4 - [untitled]

I've based this off one of gossymer's earliest LiveJournal layouts. So all creative credit should go to her. But of course, it's my coding and I've adapted it for WordPress. If you want the specific LJ layout, it can be found at her layout community, noveltybox, more specifically here.

Updates: v3 - A Splattering of Green

I always thought that beach = blue. But no. This one's green since the background's the mountain. XD Also part of the color-themed layouts. And again, like all the other color-themed layouts, font used was Ben Brown.

Updates: v2 - Relaxing by the Sea

Part of the scenic layout I had going across the network. This one features the beach. There's a pattern in the background that's not noticable. It's just those diagonal pattern you see everywhere. I like how this one turned out. And the colors are muted but blends well with the image. Got the image from google. Font's Bangalore.

Updates: v1 - [untitled]

This is a simple layout. I just need a layout for an update blog so I have to whip up something fast. Blegh. I don't want what came out. Misha from Pita Ten. Scanned from my Pita Ten artbook. Font's Pico Black.