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marikitORG was registered last January 29, 2002. I had trouble deciding what to do with it since I already had a domain that housed all my projects. By the end of February, I decided to make it into my personal blogging domain. But not until the middle of March was I able to set everything up. I don't plan on ever making it into another site, or housing any other sites in it apart from my blog. So until I change my mind that would be the sole purpose of marikitORG. Formerly hosted at my reseller hosting at insiderhosting, moved from them to surpasshosting on their reseller package.

I started keeping an online weblog with the use blogger around December of 2000. It was initially a small part of my collective hosted at digitalrice. I moved it out of my collective around February 2001 and named it Rant & Rave, Thoughts of an Insomaniac. Got tired with the constant downtime of digitalrice so I moved it to the now defunct By September 2001, I got my own domain, shiromaNU, moved my blog to it and renamed it Memoria. And the latest move I made was last March 19, 2002, moving my blog from shiromaNU to marikitORG, dropping the name Memoria and keeping it to marikitORG.

What's marikit? According to, marikit is a Filipino term which means beautiful, divine, dreamy, dressy and gorgeous. For me though, it's closer to meaning pretty than any of those words since it particularly is applicable to a dainty person. It's almost in par with other Filipino words with the same meaning such as maganda, mayumi, marilag.

marikitORG: v27 - A Little Touch of Grey

I love this. A lot. From the colors to the structure. Everything. The HTML was kinda bitch to code though but I don't care since the end product is what I had envisioned in my mind. I moved the sidebar to the bottom and used a jquery script to switch between the basic info and my different feeds. Font used was Migraine Serif.

marikitORG: v26 - Survival is the Name of the Game

Absolutely love this one. It features Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. Oh my god. He's hot. He's sexy. He's way too yummy. XD But then I never played the game. Just watched my brother play it since I can't really stand survival horror. I might try it one of these days, we'll see. I love this one because everything just blended well. The colors, The pictures, The fonts. Everything. Oh and from the screencap, you'll see that the sidebar is off by some pixels. It was designed to be like that. Like a floating box. ^_^ Images found somewhere in the web. Fonts used 04b24, Asenine and Genevieve.

marikitORG: v25 - Oh! You Drool-Worthy Boy!

Stanislav Ianevski! Even before watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I was already loving this guy who plays Victor Krum. Absolutely hot, sexy and drool-worthy! Yum! Yum! Yum! I like him waaaaay better than Robert Pattinson who played Cedric Diggory. I hope this guy really pursues an acting career. Anyway, I love the turn-out of this one. Hues of brown. Image from Stanislav Ianevski. Font's Blue Highway Condensed.

marikitORG: v24 - Wai! Wai! Tareginji!

I loooooove this one. One of my favorites. Even though it's green, I love it. It pretty much came out how I want it to be. I know it's simple and plain but that's me. And that's what I always love. XDDDD Picture is one of Getbackers' Ginji Amano's tareginji form. I know I got it from a wallpaper I got off (which is now non-existent). Font's Honey Bold. Also, this one's a tableless layout. So that's all divs. Pretty proud of it. XP

marikitORG: v23 - On The Way HOME

I'm loving this. The image, if i'm correct, is Kairi from the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts II. I'm soooo looking forward to that one which hopefully comes out by September 2005. The image I got from IGN. Tutorials for the image manipulation are found here and here. Orange is one of my least favorite color (though not the very least) but the colors I used here are really good. Orange might just climb up my color list. I used Scriptina for the marikitORG name at the image.

marikitORG: v22 - Magical Girl Gone Haywire

My very first blog marathon layout. done for the ShoujoStation magical girls blog marathon. Mine features Misha from Pita Ten. Pita Ten's one of the top series that I've used in a layout. The image I got from my Pita Ten artbook (which I really love). As for the layout, the look at the PSD changed from the look once it was coded. The font was hard to read coz of the color and size. So changed the color for the text and then it turned out yucky. Then I started hating it.

marikitORG: v21 - The QUINCY & The SHINIGAMI

Another layout to add to my personal favorites taking the total to 6. Simple and clean. Featuring Ishida Uryuu, the quincy, and Kurosaki Ichigo, the shinigami from the great manga Bleach by the great mangaka Kubo Tite. This layout was completed after 1 hour and 15 min because the last layout just got tired and retired on me. Looove looove looove everything about it. Plus Ichigo is actually a surprise since you'll just notice him when you scroll to the bottom of the page.... And what a nice surprise that is, ne?! ^.~ The image I got from the manga scans of Toriyama World who makes clean and neat scanslations of the coolest manga ever.

marikitORG: v20 - A RED Haired WHITE Angel

A rising from the dead layout. This one featuring Daisuke from D.N.Angel with a cleaner sidebar. I love him and dark. They're both cute! The image is one of my personal scans from one of my best and most loved artbook, Yukiru Sugisaki's Illustration Feder. I like this layout when I first had it. The only drawback I found is that I had a hard time looking for a font for the content to match the layout. Settled with Microsoft Sans MS and Georgia but there's still something missing to it. And also used Circled for the font on the image. Another thing I like, aside from Daisuke that is, is the drop shadow at the side of the content placeholder. Well, had a little bit of hard time with that. *shrugs* Oh and this is the WordPress release layout. The time I switch from b2 to WP.

marikitORG: v19 - He May Be Strong And Gentle And Wise

I'm one of those people who grew up with Astroboy. I loved the original colored Astroboy series back in the mid 80s. And though the new Astroboy lacks the Astroboy-ish characteristics of the original one (don't make me explain, I don't even know what I'm talking about) I still kinda like it. Which brings me to this layout. I love this one. The sidebar's on another page and that gave me a headache but still, it's pretty much what I want it to look like. Image I got from Osama Tezuka's site, Simple and clean.

marikitORG: v18 - Pucca-lized Monochromatic Funny Love

I love pucca. I love garu. This layout? Not what I expected. Yeah... Gray and Pucca don't blend well. Pucca needs more color. More life. Plus the fact that this wasn't how I visualized the finished layout. Yeah... not one of my best, I would say... You couldn't even see Pucca in the thumbnail. XD I wanted to change the layout the day after I uploaded this one. Problem is I don't have the time. Silhouette was created from one of the images at lovepuccaNET. I think I'll just try my hand again at another Pucca layout.

marikitORG: v17 - The Joke's on You

I loooooove this one to bits. The bishie coverboy's Joker, one of the villians-turned-goody from Flame of Recca and for me, I think he's one of the coolest villians ever. *licks* The image came from the back cover of volume 29 of the series and is courtesy of Snoopycool from their scanslations. Background's checkered (sorry... it's not that clear in the screenshot) with the same hues as the pic. Though I used brown, I kinda like that shade. Hmmm... Yummy yummy Joker, eh?! Font's used was Dynomite.

marikitORG: v16 - Negi Ramen!

*hearts hearts* Yup! Yup! Another back to back layouts, baby! FMoS! This time Takuto with Meroko around forming the dynamic duo of Negi Ramen! Love this too much. Love the color scheme I used, Red and Yellow and the black and white of the manga. And this one coming after a loooong break from blogging. Image was taken from one of the scans of Toriyama's World.

marikitORG: v15 - Death Be Thy Name

Feeding my Full Moon wo Sagashite obsession, I just have to do a Takuto layout. *swoons* This one's actually a love-hate layout for me. I love it because it's Takuto, It's clean, and it's simple. If you know me, i'm a sucker for minimalistic designs. I hate it coz I sometimes get tired just by looking at it. Anyway, it's Takuto. ^^;; What more can I ask for! The image I got from here. The font used was Geeves for the header. By the way, I've switched from Greymatter to b2 in this layout.

marikitORG: v14 - Yaho'su!

I loooove doing back to back layouts. Especially when I'm obsessed with something, in this case Pita Ten. This is another personal favorite. I love the colors. And the pic of the dynamic trio is just cute! That's Kotarou (violet hair), Ten-chan (blonde guy) and Koboshi (blonde girl) and they're just sooooo darn cute. Kotarou and Ten-chan are head to head in my kawaii list but I think I like kotarou by just a hair. But I like Ten-chan too! Argh! I like them both! Now that I think about it, they remind me of Harry Potter! Font used was Book Antiqua for the title.

marikitORG: v13 - Soft, White and Fluffy

Like the Lilka one, this is one of my personal favorites. I absolutely looooove the picture. That's Higuchi Kotarou from Pita Ten, one of Koge Donbo's works and one of the most absolutely cute anime I've ever watched. I love the final effect of sereneness of the whole layout. I was actually thinking of marshmallows while doing this one, though I absolutely hate those white soft sweets XD. Heard a lot of complaints in the readability of the font. That's one of the problems with this layout though I purposely did that to achieve the overall effect of fluffiness. So this didn't actually last for long just because of that. Now that I think of it, I didn't use the font color I had in mind just to be able to make it more readable. Changing the font color to something darker would just make everything ugly, so I decided to take it down all together. *sniff* But it's still absolutely one of my favorites. The second screencap was the pop-up of the cliques and rings i've joined. the font used for the title image (which is just almost unreadable even in the actual layout) was Colophon DBZ.

marikitORG: v12 - Angsty! Now Just Fuck Off!

One of my most hatest layout's I've made. Yeck! Even if it is Kyou I hate this. I'm so sorry, Kyou! I can't make descent layouts with you in it. Argh! everything is just messy. Though I love the pic (of course, because that's Kyou!!!), I hate the orange I used. I hate the Photoshop grid pattern I used as a background. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to make that fading script work well. I hate the link colors. Basically, I hate almost everything about this one. It's just fugly! (Remember! Screencaps can be deceiving!) Except for the pic of Kyou. So why did I still have this up? Because first and foremost, it's Kyou! And I thought that I can tinker with it to make it even more pleasing to the eyes. Guess I wasn't able to do that. The image was scanned by me from one of the chapters in volume 8 of my Furuba manga. The font used for the image title was Mister Earl BT.

marikitORG: v11 - Happy Happy Joy Joy!

One Piece layout! And it's Luffy! Though I like Shanks better. Lyn introduced me to One Piece. Though I'm not as hooked as she is (she's waaay over the state of obsession), I still loved what I read on the manga. I actually didn't love this layout even if it's One Piece and blue. I dunno why. I love the picture but for me, maybe it's just that it didn't mesh well together with the effect it had behind it (which again is just plain invisible in the screencap.) Got the picture of Luffy and big penguin from here.

marikitORG: v10 - The Inevitable Has Happened

Monochromatic, baby! And it's Kyou! *rawr* Ain't he hot?! Like the title says, a Kyou layout from me is really inevitable. That's why he graced version 10. Hhot, baby! Hot! Hahaha! I could go on all day just raving about him. Anyway, I love this one just because it's Kyou. The image's from volume 1, chapter 3 cover of the manga Fruits Basket. High quality scan came from the scanslation of MangaProject. The screencap I have is a copy of the PSD. Because of my stupidity, I wasn't able to back-up the HTML files.

marikitORG: v9 - Marikit - adj. beautiful; divine; dreamy; dressy; gorgeous; pretty

Ahhh... One of my personal favorites. And it's also the first for marikitORG! This is the time that I moved out of shiromaNU and moved my blog to a domain of its own. I absolutely loooove this layout to bits. Everything about it is just how I would like it to be. The image of Lilka standing on the roof and looking soooo beautiful, The colors, The grid pattern (which is really not visible in the screencap XD). Or maybe I just looove Wild Arms 2 and Lilka Eleniak that much. Got the picture from squaregallery. Some people thought that the rain was an effect I made in the pic. But no, it's actually part of the pic that I used. I'm sorry I can't remember the font I used for the title image since it's one of those fonts that I have and forgot to backup before I reformatted my PC.

marikitORG: v8 - Velvet Underground

One of those lickable layouts again! Because it's Weiß Kreuz two times in a row! I actually love this layout. The image is just perfect. Great colors. Everything's simple. But there's still two or three things amiss this layout. One, when my post is long, the images are aligned to the bottom, so sometimes, they're just not visible unless you scroll down. The second one is that the whole sidebar's on a pop-up which I'm not really used to. Again, I can't remember where I got my image. *licks Ken one last time*

marikitORG: v7 - Abyssinian . Siberian . Balinese . Bombay

It's the weiß kreuz boys! Whoohooo! *licks Ken-Ken* Yay for Ken-Ken goodness. Hehehe. You can tell I'm a big Ken-Ken fan. Anyway, I like the way Omi's arm fades just a wee bit and is over the sidebar info. Love the colors too. Actually, I looove that image, Though I can't remember where I got it. Looks clean and the boys are just handsome in it. The only problem I see is that the text running on Ken-Ken's head is unreadable. Other than that everything's okay.

marikitORG: v6 - *sigh* Touya Kinomoto *sigh*

My first and only attempt with brushes. Lyn introduced me to them. Thought of trying them out. Came out with this pathethic layout. Scrapped them from my to-use list. Yah, I pretty much hate this one even if Touya's one of the cover boys along with Yukito. By the way, those two are from Cardcaptor Sakura, if you don't know. The only thing I liked about this is the border image I used (which is pretty hard to see with the screencap -.-;) I can't remember where I got the image from. But it's one of those almost-in-all-CSS-site images so it won't be hard-to-find.

marikitORG: v5 - [untitled]

Wow! Aya Brea looks really pretty! Even if her hair's getting in the way, she looks awesome. That's why I love her! Hehehehe. I love the stretched image effect I have for the header image. Initially, I thought of that to convey the speed she's experiencing at the carriage where everything's supposed to be a blur. I dunno if I achieved it tho. Other than that, it's pretty plain. The images was captured by me from my Parasite Eve game cd. Font's 04b_11.

marikitORG: v4 - Memoria

My blog reborn and moved to my new domain. Also switched from Blogger to Greymatter. I don't like this one basically because of the colors. It reminded me too much of shit. But I love the image that I used. It's an Amano art of Tidus from Final Fantasy X. I personally scanned the image from my own EGM magazine. Font's Carpenter.

marikitORG: v3 - [untitled]

Switched from frames to a table layout. Also this is one of those layouts that lasted a long time, I think around 4 to 5 months. or maybe I was just to lazy to change it. But anyway, I loved the simplicity of this one, though it's not really in my favorite list. The image is a girl from Luv Game. Sorry I don't know who she is but the character design is just cute that I have to make a layout with her. Got it from one of the wallpapers at animetheme. Font used was 04b_03.

marikitORG: v2 - [untitled]

I like this layout, even if it's a frames one. The fanart used was just so darn cute with Zidane and Vivi of Final Fantasy IX. Fanart formerly found here. Also this is one of my earliest attempts with DHTML with those fading images for the navigation. Fonts used were Runic Sans MS for the title image and Sevenet 7 for the navigation.

marikitORG: v1 - The Big Debut

The first layout for my blog outside of my collective. A pink frames layout featuring the bishounens from Fushigi Yuugi plus Miaka. Nothing spectacular about it. Can't remember where I got the image. Font used was sevenet 7 for the navigation.