kyouNIUE » was registered last May 2002, this is one of those domains bought on a whim. I love Kyou (Fruits Basket) and when I saw that was available, I just had to register it. Then I thought to myself, since I have several anime/manga projects lined up, then maybe I'll just use kyouNIUE to house all of those. So by October 15, 2002, after staring at the very first layout I have for kyouNIUE, I just uploaded everything to the server.

When 2005 came, I christened the domain, Orenji Network. Orenji = orange. Kyou = orenji atama. And so the name. By August 2005, I moved most of my sites from shiromaNU to here and this one turned into my main collective.

By 2006, another network name change happened. Orenji Network didn't click at all and so I decided to just change it to the Little Brother Network. Since shiromaNU was my first domain, that was the "big sister". And kyouNIUE being my second domain collective became the "little brother". Hence, the name.

kyouNIUE: v15 - The Lion, the Lamb and the Wolf

Another layout that I love. Unlike previous layouts, instead of having everything in one page, I've subdivided the collective to different parts. Also, I've integrated the links section back to the collective. I love Twilight back in the days when there weren't any crazy fangirl around yet. Now, it just became a mockery. But still this layout is a personal favorite. The image was taken from a page from the Japanese edition of Twilight. The quotes were from the first book in the series. The pattern was taken from sanami276. And the fonts were Pea Glo-Girl Script and Pea Tangee.

kyouNIUE: v14 - Dare Defy Thy Wealth

I love this a lot. Like the previous layouts, everything's in a single page. The image I used came from a concept art of the Imperial City of Archades from the game, Final Fantasy XII. I like the colors a lot too. That hue of blue green's pleasing to the eyes. I especially love the tiny arrows beside the site listings. Font used was Aquiline.

kyouNIUE: v13 - TamakixHaruhi Love Affair

I liked this one when I first uploaded it. Though after a few months that waned. The picture I used was taken from ouran resources. It's absolutely adorable that's why I just have to use it. And don't forget the fact that Tamaki x Haruhi is my Ouran Kouko Host Club OTP! Font used was Ben Brown.

kyouNIUE: v12 - The Keyblade's Chosen One

To celebrate me finishing Kingdom Hearts II, I just have to feature the adorable and cute monochromatic Sora in a layout. XD But then the image I used was from the manga instead of the game. I have to feature the game next time. Let's see how that will turn out. Back to the layout, fonts used were Cookies and 04b24.

kyouNIUE: v11 - God of Mischief

Featuring Loki from Matantei Loki Ragnarok. This guy is adooooorable. And when he transforms to his adult version he's drop dead handsome. Image was scanned from my Matantei Loki Ragnarok Much Ado About Nothing artbook. Fonts used were Eight Track and 04b24.

kyouNIUE: v10 - Keeping the DREAM Alive

An almost similar layout to the previous one. I really should stop doing that... basing my layouts from the most recent ones. >_< Anyway, Zack from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I initially liked this one but since it was so similar to the previous one, I became bored of it fast. Font's Gimenells.

kyouNIUE: v9 - Flying High on WHEELS

Version nine featuring hues of orange and red and Ikki from Air Gear riding on his air trek. Air Gear's the manga by Oh Great! the same mangaka as Tenjou Tenge. Picture came from Snoopycool's scanslations. I love this one and how it came out. Never was an orange person, but this one made me change my mind. Fonts used were Arena Condensed and Take Five.


Version 8 featuring Ban and Ginji from Getbackers. This was done for arashi's OTC (one true couple) domain marathon layout at the TAFL boards. I love this pairing. And aside from them, I also love the Juubei and Kazuki one. It's funny because while I was doing the layout for this one, I can't help but blush because of that pic. *^_^* Ginji is just way too uke in it. Ban and Ginji overload at the filmstrip at the bottom that's why I pretty much like this layout. XD Though I can't seem to remember where I got the tutorial for it. ^^; Anyway, images were found at some random anime gallery and others were screencapped. Font's Monday Normal.

kyouNIUE: v7 - It's The End of the World as We Know It

A simple Full Metal Alchemist layout. It features the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse in one of the early chapters of the manga. Both of them were pretty much injured from a fight with Scar if I remember correctly. Anyway, this is much like the past layout featuring Yakitate!!! Japan. Only the image is a bit darker. Used gradient maps in here. You could get a pretty good gradient map tutorial here.

kyouNIUE: v6 - All By Myself

Sorry, the cap isn't that clear. Anyway, the artwork featured here is one of Asuzagawa Tsukino from one of favorite series, Yakitate!! Japan. Got the image from the scanslations of Snoopycool. Font's Architect. Simple and neat.

kyouNIUE: v5 - Kyaaaaahhh!!!!! Milk Crown, ne?!

Cute Aqua Mizuto stylin'! I love the artwork of Milk Crown, especially the chibis! And so here, they are, the main cast and crew of Milk Crown. The title I got from the irritating voice of Oto from the drama cd. She kept on screechin' kyaahhh. Nah.. I didn't like Oto in the drama cd. Love her though in the manga. And ain't Jin and Lady absolutely adorable?! Font's Ewied.

kyouNIUE: v4 - ;teeny bip bop skip

The twin/sister layout for shiromaNU's version 13. I used a checkered pattern as background, which is similar to marikitORG's version 17: the Joker layout. A Pita Ten one with Misha as the image cover. Pita Ten's just so darn cute. I can't remember where I got the image but I do know that it came from a wallpaper. Font's Guild of Professional Actors.

kyouNIUE: v2 - sumomo goodness

Fink! Fink!! Fink!!! Sumomo's darn lovable I just have to use her. I love this one. It's cute. Though the text is kinda limited to that small box or else, everything will just go askew and ruin the cuteness. I got the image from digging in clamp's official site. Dunno if they still have it there. *shrugs* Font's Mister Earl.

kyouNIUE: v1 - [untitled]

Technically, the very first layout of kyouNIUE. I love this image of the three, Yuki, Tohru and of course Kyou! And I think, that's the only thing I love about this layout. Maybe, it's because I sorta got tired with it. The very faint image title behind Kyou's head used the font Mekanik LET. The image was scanned by me from one of my Fruits Basket volumes.

kyouNIUE: v0 - [untitled]

This is more of a coming soon layout. I actually love the colors that I used and the caps of Kyou from the anime are just cute. Well... Kyou by himself, whatever he's doing is cute, anyway. ^____^;; The title font is 04b_11.