A Dreamy Sigh »

A fanlisting dedicated to Judith McNaught, one of the best romance authors in the whole world. She's in my top tier of romance authors that I love. And my top three favorite romance books are all written by her. I absolutely love her historical romance most especially but her contemporaries are good too. Lately though, she's been writting more and more contemporary suspense which I really am not a fan of. But rumors say that she'll be releasing a historical one again soon. Now I'm looking forward to that.

Why "A Dreamy Sigh"? Because that's what happens when you finish reading a her books. You tend to release a dreamy sigh because her books are definitely one of the most romantic books around that could make you laugh, cry, get angry and fall in love with the characters.

A Dreamy Sigh: v1 - [untitled]

The header image I used was from the new cover of Judith McNaught's Until You. The matted image tutorial I got from her. Font used was Radagund.

Adorable »

Monster's Inc.'s Boo is definitely one of the cutest Pixar character ever. Hence the name of the fanlisting, Adorable. She's definitely one of the reasons why Monsters Inc is my top Pixar film. The fanlisting was opened back in 2007 and I was ecstatic when I was approved to run it.

Adorable: v1 - [untitled]

The cute and adorable Boo! I've scanned the main image from my Monsters Inc story book. While the other smaller images, I got from my screencaps of Boo from my movie. Fonts used were Casual and 04b_24.

Alexandrian Knight »

This is the fanlisting for Beatrix, the lady knight from Final Fantasy IX that could kick your party's butt. She's the most kick-ass female character from the game definitely beating Garnet, Freya and Quina in my book. The site's name, Alexandrian Knight, is just another title for her. She's from Alexandria and is sworn to protect the queen.

Alexandrian Knight: v1 - [untitled]

There are really just few pictures of Beatrix that could be used for a layout not counting screencaps. With the limited resources, I came up with this crappy one. I'm really not fond of it but beggars can't be choosers. Font's Celtic Bold.

An Angel and a Wolf

My fanlisting for Judith McNaught's A Kingdom of Dreams, one of my most favorite, if not my most favorite, romance book of all time. This fanlisting was made because I love the book, I had big plans for it and I wanna show everyone why I love the book.

Why "An Angel and a Wolf"? Because these describe the heroine and hero of the story. The wolf for Royce Westmoreland as he's more known as the legendary Black Wolf. And the angel for Jennifer Merrick because she's an angel in Royce's eyes.

At the end, I closed this one since I think it's enough that I already have Judith McNaught's fanlisting.

An Angel and a Wolf: v1 - Kingdom in the Sky

Simple and clean. Just how I want it to be. The image I got from the latest re-published cover of the book by Judith McNaught, A Kingdom of Dreams. Colors are blue and violet. More of blue though. Fonts used were Renaissance and Take Five.

Arienai »

Hana Yori Dango is definitely my most favorite jdrama ever. The manga on the other hand is on my top five list. I had the fanlisting for the jdrama back in 2007. By 2010, I was approved to run the manga and anime series at AFL as well.

If you have watched the drama, one of Makino Tsukushi's catch phrase is "Arienai itsuno!" usually meaning "That's impossible!" or "No way!" And since the fanlisting was first for the jdrama, when I integrated the manga fanlisting as well, the Arienai name stuck.

Arienai: v1 - [untitled]

Though similar to what I had in mind, this came out less than what I was expecting. I love the Hana Yori Dango drama a lot. I love the image I used in the layout. I also love the colors and the font. There just seems to be something wrong with it. Maybe it's that statistic box which I can't place correctly. Anyway, the font used was Jane Austen. And the screencap was taken from my own copy of the drama.

Atlantean »

I love Acheron Parthenopaeus or as most people know him, Acheron or Ash. He's the leader of the Dark-Hunters from Sherrilyn Kenyon's the Dark-Hunter series. He's almost in all books and serves as a guiding hand and a helper for the dark-hunters.

In his book, Acheron, we get to see more of his background and his origins that were shown at the previous books. He's the son of Apollymi, the Atlantean goddess of destruction. Hence, the name of the fanlisting, Atlantean.

Atlantean: v1 - [untitled]

It's pretty hard to think of an image to use for fictional characters. Luckily, in Sherrilyn Kenyon's message board, there's a thread dedicated to actors who members think would best fit the Dark-Hunters. And most of them agreed with the model Travis Fimmel, who is pictured in the thumnail, for Acheron. Nothing can live up to my imagination of Acheron but with shades and the black leather coat, Travis can play him. Anyway, font's Dirty Headline.

Back on the Road Again »

This is a fanlisting for the second season of Supernatural. The early seasons of the show, particularly the first and second one, are my personal favorites. Back then there's a great balance of horror and the mythology of the show.

The title of the fanlisting was taken from the REO Speedwagon song, Back on the Road Again, which was featured in the 14th episode of the second season, Born Under a Bad Sign.

Back on the Road Again: v1 - [untitled]

I love everything about this one except for the navigation. There's something off about it. But everything, from the two extremely handsome boys to the colors and fonts are perfect. The image is from a promotional photo for the second season of Supernatural. Fonts used were Dirty Headline and Carnivalee Freakshow.

Bee-otch »

You know that cute yellow robot from the Transformers movie? The one that always steals the show whenever he's on screen? The one that can't talk and just communicates with his radio? The cute and adorable robot? Bumblebee? This is the fanlisting dedicated to him. I have loved the bee even when I was watching the Gen-1 cartoons when I was a kid back in the 80s. The movie reminded me of that love I have for him.

During the first Transformers movie, there was an air freshener hanging from Bumblebee's rearview mirror with the words Bee-otch. It's from that where I took the name of the site.

Bee-otch: v1 - [untitled]

Oh, god! I hate this. The yellows and oranges are freaking bright. But then those are the colors associated with the Bee. I really love Bumblebee a lot but this one just sucks. The patterns were cute and were taken from here. I just messed around with their colors to match the layout's colors. The original patterns are basically the only one I liked about this. Because the modified patterns turned yellow and orange, I hated them too. Fonts were 04b_25 and Casual.

Creature of the Light »

I love Takano Kyohei from the series Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. He's sexy, drop dead gorgeous and girls swoon over him. He's also brash and rude. But when it comes to his friends especially to Sunako, he has the tendency to be kind. This fanlisting was adopted from Misha back in 2008. When the drama adaptation was released in 2010, I was able to crosslist the fanlisting to include Kyohei's drama counterpart, played by Kame. In all incarnations of the series, Sunako calls the four boys "mabushii ikimono" meaning "creatures of light" or "dazzling creatures". And the most dazzling of the four? Kyohei himself. Thus the title of the site.

Creature of the Light: v1 - [untitled]

I have this concept in mind that the picture of Kyouhei will be placed at the very bottom of the screen but I can't seem to achieve that with divs instead of tables. So this is what my creativity crapped out instead. I have used this particular color scheme, greys and blues, a lot of times already. I still like it here. The font used was Century Gothic.

Freaks and Gleeks »

I absolutely love the pilot and the first episodes of the Fox series, Glee. I totally love the songs and the characters of the show. So I was really ecstatic when I was approved to run the fanlisting for it. Some of the later episodes of the first season was meh but the first season finale made up for it. The site title is a play on another series' name, Freaks and Geeks. The McKinley Glee Club is often seen as freaks in the series  and since Glee fans are known as Gleeks, I made it into Freaks and Gleeks.

Freaks and Gleeks: v1 - [untitled]

I actually love this. Really really love this. From the start I have wanted to use that screencap from the pilot episode of the series. And the layout structure came out how I wanted it to be. And the colors are so pretty. Fonts were Pea Mystie Caps, Pea Hannah Chocolate Swirls and Pea Courtney.

Gravity »

Back in 2005, this was just an AFL listed fanlisting for the awesome villian that is Joker from the series, Recca no Honoo. By 2009, I wanted to flesh out some of my FLs and make them into mini-tributes. This one was the first in the list being one of my earliest FLs. If you're not familiar with the series, Joker's main weapon, the Taishaku Taisen, controls gravity. Hence, the name of the site.

Gravity: v2 - [untitled]

When I said to myself that I have to get off my lazy butt and revamp my fanlistings to at least contain a mini tribute or something, Joker got the first dibs. And this was what came out of it. I pretty much like the result. The colors, I'm not that fond but it pretty much worked out well in the end. The image was taken from the back cover of volume 29 of the series. The font's Migraine Sans and Migraine Serif.

Gravity: v1 - [untitled]

When I had the concept in my mind, I pretty much liked it. I actually liked it the first time I looked at it. But now that I've looked at it several times, I think to myself... "What the heck are those colors?" I know that green wasn't really one of my favorite colors but the shades of green here made the color go down a bit in my like-o-meter. Image came from scanslation done by Snoopycool. The pattern in the background came from squidfingers. Fonts used were Asinine and 04b_03.

Light »

When I listen to any rendition of Utada Hikaru's Hikari I always tear up. I love that song a lot. I don't care if I don't understand most of what Utada's singing about but the melody and Hikki's voice is just awesome. And pair that up with Kingdom Hearts' opening and closing scenes... OMG! One of Hikki's best and also one of the best theme song from a video game. Ever!

I'm pretty proud of this site. For a song fanlisting, it has a lot of basic info in it. From the normal lyrics, translation, mp3, I also have the PV and screencaps from both Kingdom Hearts opening and the PV itself. The site title "Light" is just the English translation of "Hikari". Yeah, not really a great site title but I really can't think of anything then.

Light: v2 - ... At the End of the Tunnel

Another layout that uses the colors white, grey and blue. And again, I love the outcome. The images of Utada washing dishes were screencapped by me from the Hikari PV. I fleshed out the fanlisting starting on this layout. I'm pretty satisfied that for a song fanlisting there's a lot of stuff in there. Font's Pea Amy.

Light: v1 - Light & Friendship

Featuring the complete main characters from Kingdom Hearts. The image I can't remember where I got. I think it's in one of those KH character shrines. Love the image. Font used was Zitz.

Meeeeeh! »

There's something endearing about the Mei-chan no Shitsuji drama. I'm not really a fan of the manga since I have no interest in seeing pedophile in my reading even if the main man is drop dead gorgeous. And so I was really glad that the drama matured Mei-chan into a high school student instead of the grade school one in the manga. Eikura Nana's really adorable as her too. And to top it off, they got Mizushima Hiro as the butler. I swear I wet my panties whenever he's on-screen.

Why "Meeeeeh!" as a title? If you've watched the series, sheeps appear sporadically and make their meeeeeh sound. It's pretty adorable and so I just used it.

Meeeeeh!: v1 - [untitled]

My eyes! That blinding color of pink! It's too girly! But then when you go to the drama's official site, it also is overridden with pink. And that's where I got the rose and navigation background. The image on the bottom, on the other hand, was taken from my own screencap of the closing credits. Font used was Pea Glo-Girl Script.

Next Gate »

When you watch the anime series, Prince of Tennis, it would really seem like the Hyotei Silver Pair, Shishido Ryou and Ootori Choutarou is almost canon. They're one of my two OTPs in the series, the other being the Golden Pair, Oishi Shuichirou and Kikumaru Eiji. The series has produced musical cds as well and Next Gate is a song sung by both of them.

Next Gate: v1 - [untitled]

I sooo wanna pinch Shishido and Ootori's cheeks in the picture here. ^^; They're just freaking adorable! I like how the layout came out. Cute and cuddly. There's a pattern in the background there that's not noticable. I remember getting that one from a doujinshi, the title I forgot. Fonts used were Asenine and Bangalore.

Ohhh Tuti »

A fanlisting dedicated to Tsuchiya Yuuichi, aka Tuti, the stage actor who played Ooishi Syuuichirou in the Tennis no Oujisama Musical. He's also playing Ichimaru Gin in the Bleach Rock Musical. The name "Ohhh Tuti" came from one of the backstages clips for the Tennis no Oujisama musical.

Ohhh Tuti: v1 - [untitled]

Major love. It's Tuti! *_* I love this not only because it's Tuti but it's pretty much how I want it to be. I was tempted to use another set of pictures though... Particularly from the *pnish* website but then they don't allow it. So I sticked with using the Tenimyu programs. Anyways, these scans were taken from the Tenimyu Scan Collection.

Orenji Renji »

I have always loved Orange Range. They have a great mix of music from the funky, upbeat and fun to the slow dramatic ones. Plus their PVs are fun too. The site title "Orenji Renji" came from the way Japanese pronounce the band name. 

Orenji Renji: v3 - [untitled]

With Kat-chan breaking away from the group, I had to make a layout with just the five of them. Also, this is the time when I changed the fanlisting name from 1st Contact to Orenji Renji, the Japanese pronounciation for Orange Range. I got the image from the orange range LJ community. The font used was Dirty Headline.

Orenji Renji: v2 - Relaxin' Okinawa Style

Now this one is way better than the first layout. I love this actually. The image was from the screencap gallery of the site, particularly from the Love Parade PV. They still had Katchan in it. Fonts were Palatino Linotype and Pixelsix10. It's pretty simple but it came out the way I love it. The colors blended well with the image, which I love. I based the sidebar from marikitORG's version 26. the floating sidebar. I think I shouldn't really try those complicated image manipulations since I'm usually happy with simple layouts.

Orenji Renji: v1 - [untitled]

I like the image here. That's the first time I used grunge borders to my liking. But as a whole, it wasn't how I pictured it to be. The colors were just blegh. I dunno. I know I could have done something better. Image was taken from the orange range lj comm. Fonts used were Pico Black and 04b24.

Prepare for Glory »

This is a fanlisting for the movie and comic book version of Frank Miller's 300. Remember that movie with nearly naked men parading in the screen for almost the entire movie? Seriously though, it's really one of the most visually appealing movies I've watched. Yeah, slow mo isn't new but the choreography and execution of it in the movie is great. "Prepare for Glory" is one of the taglines of the movie and can be seen in posters for it.

Prepare for Glory: v1 - [untitled]

I pretty much like this. Through the years, I think I finally got the hang of dark layouts and this came out well. The image is one from a promotional photo or poster. It's looks simple but I've tinkered with the colors for it to bring out the red and blues. Fonts were Baar Sohpia and Dirty Headline.

Priceless »

I love the series Ouran Koukou Host Club. Though I love Tamaki most of all, I love the Ouran High Host Club as a whole. From Haruhi, to Ootori, to the twins Hikari and Kaoru, to the adorable Honey and Mori and of course to Tamaki! I can't remember where I specifically got the name "Priceless". What I do remember is that it's used early on the manga to describe the host club.

Priceless: v1 - [untitled]

A very pastelly layout. Seriously, I like it. I'm a sucker for bright layouts. And anything Ouran Kouko Host Club related. XD The image was taken from Ouran Resources. Fonts used were Asenine and 04b24.

Superstar »

Oh, Matsumoto Jun. How pretty can you be. I fell in love with him when I watched the Hana Yori Dango jdrama. He was so believable and adorable as Domyouji in it. Then I devoured my backlist for him. Love him in several of his other roles too including in Gokusen and Kimi wa Petto. Also because of him, I discovered one of the greatest JPop boy band ever, Arashi. I don't care if he's not really the best singer in the group, he's my absolute favorite of them all. During one of Arashi's concert, Matsujun had a solo performance entitled "Superstar". Again, I'm stressing that he really can't sing but the title of the song definitely describes him.

Superstar: v2 - [untitled]

This was made for MatsuJun's 24th birthday last 2007. I can't remember where I got the image but more likely either from boys paper or monochrome. As for the background pattern, I also can't remember where I got that. XD Font used were Pea Amy and Carnivalee Freakshow.

Superstar: v1 - [untitled]

Uhmm. Nothing much to say about this. It's not really one that I love but the look's okay I guess. I know I could have done something better. ^^; But then I'm always distracted with Matsujun sitting there. XD The image is actually one of the more common images of Matsujun. Pretty much like the colors. Font used was Arena Condensed Light.

Tensai »

Prince of Tennis' Fuji Syuusuke really isn't my most favorite character in the series. But I think that he's definitely one of the most interesting. He's considered a "tensai" or a genius in the field of tennis hence the name of the site.

Tensai: v2 - [untitled]

This was done for the Revamp Marathon over at the AFL boards. I'm glad I joined that marathon because at least I made the layout and codes for the Fuji fanlisting way better than the original one. The tribute part wasn't fleshed out yet though. XD Overall, I like the outcome of it. I actually had three studies to replace the old layout and this one won over the other two. But then, anything can be better than the green puke of the previous layout. XS Fonts were Pea Steele and Pea Hollee.

Tensai: v1 - [untitled]

My layout muse wasn't with me when I came up with this one. So I'm just not fond of the layout. Though I love the Fuji pic I used, too bad it just didn't make up for the look of the layout. ¬.¬ Image from one of the later volumes of Prince of Tennis, can't remember which. Font's Take Six.

The Galaxy Defenders »

Oh, Men in Black. Definitely one great popcorn movie. I love Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in this. Plus there's aliens. A lot of aliens. And baby alien squid! Will Smith's song for this will still play in my head whenever I just see the words "men in black". And if you're still wondering where I got the title for this site, "The Galaxy Defenders", go listen to that song! Or watch the movie. It's pretty self explanatory.

The Galaxy Defenders: v2 - [untitled]

I based this on the first version of the Gokusen fanlisting layout. Yes, my muse was away that day but since I love the simplicity of the Gokusen layout, why not duplicate it. And that's what we have here. Simple with just four pictures from my screencap of the movie. And instead of the salmon pink color, we have just the basic black, white and grey. It still looked great though. Font used was Pea Angedawn.

The Galaxy Defenders: v1 - [untitled]

Simple. Reaallly simple. Why? Because my cd's busted and so I can't screencap images from my copy of Men in Black to use for a layout. Image I got from one of those few MiB wallpapers.

Yakipan »

I absolutely love Yakitate!! Japan! That series is hilarious and yet informational. If you have no idea what it is, it's a manga about a boy who loves to make bread. Yes, it does sound weird. A manga about breads?! But OMG! It's totally hilarious. The puns are a killer! Since I can't think up of a good name for this, I just joined the series name and used Yakipan. Maybe one of these days when an idea pops in my head and I like it, I might change the site name. But for now, I'm sticking with it.

Yakipan: v1 - [untitled]

Technically, this is version 2 of my Yakitate site. The problem with version 1 is that it sat at my hard drive for years that when I went back at it to see if I could use it as a layout for the fanlisting, it just didn't appealed to me anymore. So that was scrapped and now this is version 1. I love the colors that I've used for this. Image came from one of the covers of the manga. Fonts were Pea Mystie and Pea Tracy

Young Red Lion

The red headed awesome high school kid, Sawada Shin from the josei series, Gokusen. He's the leader of the rebellious class that Yankumi handles. He's cool, smart and laid-back. The title of the site came from the manga. One time a group of yakuza started calling him "Young Red Lion". I adopted this out to Brigit since I already have the Gokusen drama fanlisting and she has the drama fanlisting for Sawada Shin. But then she closed her fanlistings and didn't even return Sawada to me. :(

Young Red Lion: v1 - [untitled]

Another simple design. Featuring the red head himself. I got the image from one of the volumes of Gokusen which was scanslated by Impossibility.