tsubasa reservoir chronicle:
the newest manga from the creators of cardcaptor sakura, clamp. this one's sort of a cross-over of almost all their stories. i know that my sister's friend, tomoyo, is in here too and some other people from other stories like mokona from magic knight rayearth and chii from chobits. anyway, the story?

well, it still revolves around my sister, and yeah, sakura's still my sister, but this time also with her relationship with the brat. sakura lost her memories, which is in the form of her wings, when she went to an excavation. the brat then went to the witch of dimensions and she told him that sakura's memories are scattered throughout different worlds and the difficult task of collecting all the feathers fall on the brat's shoulders. but in order for him to go to different worlds, the brat has to give up his relationship with my sister. he agrees and together with kurogane, a ninja, and fye a sorceress, the three of them travel through different worlds, each having their own objective in mind.

hmmm... it seems like a parallel universe or something, where you meet the same people wherever you go but this time they live a different life. that's what happened when the brat saw us in another world. for example, in clow country, from where the brat and sakura came from, i was the ou or king in that country while yuki's the shinkan or high priest. then when the group arrived at hanshin, both of us, yuki and i, were waiters at a okonomiyaki restaurant.

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