seki tomokazu seki tomokazu
i'm voiced by the ever-talented, ever-famous voice actor seki tomokazu. born september 8th in tokyo, seki has done numerous roles in various series including as ken in weiß kreuz, kyou in fruits basket, chichiri in fushigi yuugi, van fanel in escaflowne, kamui in x and shinbo in chobits.

tn: the uber sexy seki is one of my most favorite seiyuu. i first heard him in weiß kreuz as ken hidaka and i instantly fell in love with his voice. then after watching more and more of his portrayals, it dawned on me that this guy is really really really talented. he has one of those voices that may range from the hilarious to the serious. looking at his role as touya, his voice alone conveyed touya's mixed emotions from enjoyment on his banters with sakura to his concern on sakura's welfare to his irritation and exasperation with nakuru and syoaran.

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