kinomoto sakura
ahhh, my younger sister. i always love teasing her, calling her kaiju, teasing her about her lateness or her small height, or just pilfering food from her plate when she's not looking. i love getting her mad. that's what big brothers are for, right?! but eventhough we usually banter with each other, i love my little sister. i take care of her when she's sick, volunteer to accompany her in crowded events like that festival we went to, and defend her from that hong kong brat, li, when they first met. yeah, you can call me a bit overprotective sometimes but i just want to protect my little sister.

kinomoto fujitaka
that's my father, kinomoto fujitaka. he's a professor and an archeologist which makes him pretty busy. that's why most of the time, it's just me and my little sister at home. though during the times that he's home, everyone of us pitch in in the different household chores.

tsukishiro yukito
yukito, though i usually call him yuki, is my best friend. we're rarely apart from each other. same school, same class, same activities since sometimes yuki helps out in our soccer practice, and even same part-time jobs. we met when he transfered to our school during the third semester of our first year in high school. we instantly became best of friends then. i remember the time when yuki was always sleepy and looks like he's fading away. i was actually scared for him. it seems like he wasn't able to cope up with him losing too much energy. i knew that he wasn't fully human and that there's another person in him. that's when i met yue. and so, i gave up my remaining powers to yue in order for yuki to live.

i knew it that my little sister's doll isn't a doll at all. she won't tell me that though even if i can sense something strange from it. so that's his name, kero-chan. it's funny how he tries to act like a stuffed doll whenever i'm around but he can't fool me. whenever i barge in my sister's room and spot him, i can see sweatdrops running all over him.

li syaoran
the hong kong brat! *glares* i hate him the moment i met him, trying to harass my sister! no one harasses her except for me. and anyway, what's with him always sticking around sakura. he should stay away from my sister if he wanna live. i'm just protecting my little sister from that brat. i have this feeling that someday he'll hurt my sister deeply maybe leaving her alone or something like that. and i don't want that to happen to her. (tn: waaaaahhh!!! aren't you just a schweeeet schweeet brother! XP)

mizuki kaho
one of my earlier girlfriends. older by a year or two, we first met under the cherry tree in the tsukimine shrine while i was in second year junior high. we went out for a year but then kaho suddenly broke up with me. she said that she's going to england to continue her studies and it kinda ticked me off not telling me all of this then suddenly dropping this kind of news. anyway, she also said that we should go on with our lives coz the next time that we'll meet again, we would have met someone else that we'll love. we then parted on that note and after a couple of years, we meet again at the tsukimine shrine while i was looking for sakura.

akizuki nakuru
akizuki nakuru, the hyperactive, super-ecstatic transferee girl who keeps on clinging to me. she transfered during our third and last year in high school. i think i have an idea what's with all these clinging that she's doing. i know for a fact that she's very much similar to yuki, keeping a secret side that's not fully human. and i know, like yuki, she needs some external powers to keep her alive. i think she's trying to win my affection so that i'll be giving my powers to her instead of to yuki. ehh, i guess her plans didn't work.

mirror card
so, the spirit that helps sakura a lot of times is also a card, eh? i feel that she's also the one that immitated sakura the first time, the time that i fell off a cliff. during that first meeting, even if i knew that she wasn't sakura, i tried to help her find that thing that she lost, which then led me to going deeper into the woods and falling off that cliff. i don't blame her though. i feel that she was sorry for what happened to me that day and makes up with it by helping my sister. anyway, because of that we have a close bond, that spirit and i. and i gave her some hair ribbons one christmas as a thank you gift for helping my sister all the time. i knew that she can use the ribbons since it always occur to me that eventhough she may look like my sister, in reality, she has long hair.

she's my fellow classmate during our second year in high school and the president of the drama club too. well, during our festival that year, our class did cinderella as a play and she played the young prince while i played cinderella. after the play, she confessed her feelings for me on the rooftop but then, i refused, knowing that i like somebody else. as a last favor, she asked me to dance with her later that day and so i agreed but only with her as a dance partner and no one else.

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