my name, touya, is written this way in japanese kanji, 桃失. the first kanji, 桃, which is sometimes read as tou, stands for momo or peach. while the second one, 失, read as ya, is the kanji for arrow. if you put them together, it's peach arrow.

if you look at all our names, my dad, my mom and my younger sister, like mine, all of it are kinds of flowers. the kanji for my dad fujitaka's name stands for wysteria, my mom's name, nadesiko is the japanese for carnations and sakura's name is for the sakura or cherry blossoms. and as said earlier, my name is for the peach blossoms. what i know though is that these three flowers, peach blossom, sakura, and wysteria are the three favorite flowers of my mom.

actually, my name plays an important role in one of the series episodes, the one where i first met the spirit that impersonates sakura. sakura learned fortune-telling with those magical cards that she's capturing and using. one of the cards gave her a vision of peach blossom. and this is why she knew that i was in trouble during that time. luckily for me, she found me, though it was a bit late, since i've already fallen and broken a leg and all. but then again, i'm grateful to my sister.

tn: touya's talking about episode 25, sakura and another sakura. the spirit he's mentioning is the mirror card. remember that up until later in the series, he thinks that mirror is a spirit and not a clow card that helps sakura. also, take note that i'm assuming that he knows about the cards since he was present, though in hiding, during the last judgement. lastly, if you wanna know, the card that gave sakura the vision of peach blossoms was the flower card.

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