frequently asked questions:

» what's with that weird point of view/talk?
if you haven't noticed, i made almost all the information and content be shown through the eyes of touya. so in effect, it would seem like he's the one talking. just think of it like me making an interview of his whole life.

» it's confusing!
yeah, yeah... sorry, live with it for the meantime. i'm having fun right now getting into the character of touya... though i know touya can be ooc (out of character) sometimes.

» so where's your input?
my thoughts and ideas are either within parenthesis or preceded by a tn or tec's note. tec <- that's me. i'm in the process of making an editorials section at the information section and i'm planning making it off limits to touya. so that section would be all me. oh and the whole site section is also off limits to him. he wouldn't care anyway. XD

» i wanna get [insert item here] and use it for something?
do not reuse information found here. DO NOT reuse them.

» how about images?
images found in the all sections, especially in the entertainment section, are NOT to be used for other galleries. i only allow these pics to be used in layouts, wallpapers, buttons and other graphic showcases but not in a gallery. a link back would be much appreciated.

» link exchange?
try me. but only ccs or tsubasa related shrines and sites. and no nelvana's cardcaptors.

» question, comments, suggestion?
try this.

» you're gay!
not a question.

» touya's gay!
AGAIN, not a question. go away.

» this site's gay!

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