cardcaptor sakura:
hmmm... what's this series all about? well, it's about my sister, sakura kinomoto and her job as the cardcaptor. with the help of that stuffed doll-like beast, keroberos, that brat from hong kong, li, and her bestfriend, tomoyo, they try to capture all the clow cards that are scattered all throughout tomoeda before a tragic disaster fall on everyone. after getting every single clow card and being named the cards' mistress, my sister is then faced with other problems and so she uses her own power to change the clow cards to sakura cards to use them.

where do i come in? well, i'm his older brother and so i sorta protect her from harm... and also protecting her from the brat. not only that but i also play a big role in saving yuki and his alter-ego, the other guardian of the clow cards, yue.

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