touya name: kinomoto touya
birthday: february 29
bloodtype: o
favorite subjects: chemistry
least favorite subject: none
extracurricular activities: soccer
favorite color: blue
favorite flower: peach blossoms
favorite food: steak
least favorite food: ganmodoki
best recipe: rice omelet, fried noodles
wish list: a pair of new sneakers

yo! i'm kinomoto touya, sometimes called to-ya by yukito, and touya-kun by that ever irritating akizuki. i'm the older brother of kinomoto sakura. older by 7 years, i'm 17 years old at the start of the series and is in second year high at seijou high school which is just beside my sister's school, tomoeda elementary school.

hmmm... music? i'm good at playing the piano and organ, which was taught to me by my mom, nadeshiko, at a very young age, and i also know how to play the violin. i'm pretty much athletic, being part of the school's soccer team, a first-level black belter in karate, and was supposed to join the track and field team at an athletic meet. i usually ride my bike to school together with yuki while sakura tags along in her rollerblades. it's a wonder how she catches up with me even if she wakes up late, and you know why? because i know that she has a crush with yuki. *nods nods*

i have about tons of part-time jobs everywhere, from being a waiter, an animal feeder, to a gasboy, and even sometimes as mascots carrying balloons, which makes me a really busy person. it's funny how i usually end up confronting sakura in these jobs. she doesn't know it, but i usually make sure that i'm there wherever she is just to keep an eye on her. (tn: anyway, in the manga, he's first had all this odd-ball part-time jobs coz he wants a motorcycle, and when he got one, he still has part-time jobs to save up for college. in the anime, i just don't know where all the money goes. @_@;;)

after all the activities that i do, i still find time to help around the house, sometimes cooking diner, doing the laundry, mending some clothes or even just plain all-around cleaning. our mom passed away and so me, along with my sister, sakura, and my father, fujitaka, if ever he's home, do the household chores.

tec say's that i'm perceptive specially when it comes to my younger sister, sakura. saying that i actually know my sister's secret of being a cardcaptor even if sakura keeps it from me. or that me knowing about her so-called stuff doll not being actually a doll. or me knowing if the sakura in front of me is the real one or the spirit that impersonates her. the best funny one that tec gave me as a reason is that thing about me foreseeing my sister developing a special bond with that brat from hong kong, li, making me keep closer tabs with him. it's just that i really hate that brat. always sticking to sakura. actually, all of these, i think just shows that i love my sister and that i just wanna protect her. and anyway, i'm the only one who can tease her. so that brat should just stay away from her.

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