Welcome to angel wings, part of eyes on me, a Rinoa Heartilly shrine. angel wings is a ring for Rinoa fans. You may join even if you are not obsessed with Rinoa as long as you like her. No anti- Rinoa people here please.


  • like Rinoa, not necessarily obsessed
  • have a general patronage web site, no porn or hentai, also not necessarily final fantasy or gaming related
  • code in splash/main/rings page only


    Stick this code or the code sent to your email to your site right after submitting. If I don't find the code in your site, you won't be added. Make sure to change the ***SITE ID*** part in the code to your assigned site id.

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    Ringsurf requires that you have to be at least 13 to join any webring.

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    email address


    Please keep your information updated. Use the login form below to maintain your membership in the ring.

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