Weapons Monthly July Issue

Magazine: Weapons Monthly July Issue
Weapon: Rising Sun
Description: The Rising Sun is similar to a circular saw. It is made by upgrading the Pinwheel. It is capable of slicing into enemies like a spinning saw and dealing a devastating blow.
Items for Remodelling: 1 Saw Blade, 8 Screw

Location: The construction materials in the main area of Balamb Training Center in disk 3
Where to buy: Esthar
Price: 1000 Gil

Saw Blade:
Mug/Drop: Belhelmel
Card Mod: 1 Belhelmel = 1 Saw Blade

Mug/Drop: Elastoid, Geezard, GIM47N, SAM08G
Card Mod: 1 Geezard = 5 Screw

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