Weapons Monthly First Issue

Magazine: Weapons Monthly First Issue
Weapon: Shooting Star
Description: Next, we show you the finest projectile weapon, the Shooting Star. Don't let the angel wing motif fool you. It's a deadly weapon.
Items for Remodelling: 2 Windmill, 1 Regen Ring, 1 Force Armlet, 1 Energy Crystal

Location: At the control room in the last Laguna scene. The last Laguna scene would be the one where Laguna was helping a Moomba in fixing some machines. Once you go up the elevator and get control of Laguna it would be at the floor.
Where to buy: Esthar (must have Tonberry's "Familiar" ability)
Price: 50000Gil

Mug/Drop: Abyss Worm, Thrustaevis
Card Mod: 1 Abyss Worm Card = 1 Windmill
1 Pandemona Card = 100 windmills

Regen Ring:
Mug/Drop: Chimera, Mesmerize, Torama
Card Mod: 10 Chimera Card = 1 Regen Ring

Force Armlet:
Buy: Buy at Esthar Pet Shop for 20000gil with Tonberry's "Familiar" ability
Mug/Drop: Malboro, Ochu
Card Mod: N/A
Refine: 1 Mag-J Scroll = 10 Force Armlet (with GFAbility Med-Ref)

Energy Crystal:
Mug/Drop: Behemoth (rare), Chimera, Elnoyle, Ruby Dragon (Lvl 80+)
Card Mod: 10 Elnoyle Card = 1 Energy Crystal

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