Weapons Monthly August Issue

Magazine: Weapons Monthly August Issue
Weapon: Cardinal
Description: The Cardinal is the latest line of projectile weapons. The wide fins provide more stability and accuracy compared to the Valkyrie. It's greater accuracy causes more damage.
Items for Remodelling: 1 Cockatrice Pinion, 1 Mesmerize Blade, 1 Sharp Spike

Location: Search the area near the gargoyle in Trabia Garden. It would be a little bit below it.
Where to buy: Esthar
Price: 1000Gil

Cockatrice Pinion:
Mug/Drop: Cockatrice
Card Mod: 1 Cockatrice Card/1 Iguion Card = 1 Cockatrice Pinion

Mesmerize Blade:
Mug/Drop: Mesmerize
Card Mod: 1 Mesmerize Card = 1 Mesmerize Blade

Sharp Spike:
Mug/Drop: Grand Mantis
Card Mod: 1 Grand Mantis Card/1 Death Claw Card/3 Hexadragon Card = 1 Sharp Spike

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