Weapons Monthly April Issue

Magazine: Weapons Monthly April Issue
Weapon: Pinwheel
Description: Weapons that can be used from a distance have many advantages. The Pinwheel is one of the more basic projectile weapons.
Items for Remodelling: 3 M-Stone Piece

Location: You can find this one on top of Squall's desk at his new dormitory after the graduation dance.
Where to buy: Esthar
Price: 1000Gil

M-Stone Piece:
Mug/Drop: Armadodo, Belhelmel, Bitebug, Blood Soul, Bomb, Buel, Caterchipillar, Creeps, Fastitocalon-F, Funguar, Geezard, Glacial Eye, Grand Mantis, Jelleye, Mesmerize, Red Bat, SAM08G, Vysage
Card Mod: 1 Funguar Card/1 Bite Bug Card = 1 M-Stone Piece

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