xx Profile
Basic profile of Rinoa

xx Personaliy
A closer look at the personality of Rinoa

xx Name
Etymological and kabalarians' analysis on Rinoa's name

xx Ketsueki-gata
Blood type analysis

xx Astrology
Western and Eastern Astrological readings of Rinoa

xx Attire
A detailed look on her gown and battle attire


xx Statistics
Rinoa's battle stats and comparison with other characters

xx Weapons
Different weapons and upgrades

xx Combine
Limit break with Angelo

xx Angel Wing
Angel Wing Limit break

xx Magazines
Detailed look at the Weapons Monthly and Pet Pals magazines

xx Triple Triad
Acquiring the Rinoa and Angelo card

xx Game Guides
Different guides and tips on parts of the game

xx Quotes
Different quotes from the game


xx Faye Wong
Some miscellanious info on Faye Wong, the singer of Eyes on Me

xx Merchandise
Rinoa and Final Fantasy official and unofficial products

xx Why
Why make another Rinoa shrine