Here are some guides, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you get past some points in the game. Please take note that these guides are not complete walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII. If you want those, try GameFAQs. Also take note that guides here only tackle situations where Rinoa is present or where Rinoa will benefit the most.

Rinoa floating in space
Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok
Propagators and Forbidden Stones
Rinoa and Adel
Abusing Angel Wing


This is just a re-write of what I have up at the Angel Wing section.

Did you know that Angel Wing has the capability of being a more effective limit break than Lion Heart? How?

First you have to set up Rinoa's stats and magic inventory. Keep all the Curative and Support Magic (Cure, Cura, Curaga, Life, Full-life, Esuna, Regen, Aura, Double, Triple, Float, Haste, Protect, Reflect and Shell) for junctioning purposes. Try to junction as many stats as possible with the allowed number of magic you have. The most important stats to focus on are VIT (junction protect), SPR (junction shell), SPD and Evade (try junctioning haste or triple). Aside from junctioning stats, don't forget to juction magic to her Elem-Def and ST-Def junctions. You may forget about the Elem-Atk and ST-Atk junctions since you won't let rinoa do any physical attacks.

Now, remove all the offensive magic from rinoa's inventory and that includes Elemental (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water, Aero) and Status-inducing Magic (Bio, Death, Confuse, etc).

As for Forbidden magic, the only one that you should place in her inventory is Meteor so that that will be the only offensive magic that Rinoa will cast. It doesn't matter how many Meteor magic she has, as long as she has one of Meteor, she'll be casting that repetitively. Why Meteor? Notice that Meteor deals multiple damage to all enemies. With Rinoa's maxxed MAG stats, Meteor can deal 9999HP damage at least 6 times. If you boost Rinoa's Speed stat then she'll be casting Meteor spells one after the other.

And so that's how you abuse Angel Wing. XD

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